Fancy winning a date @ManUpFilm?

Do you love movies? Love to laugh on a date? Are you a Simon Pegg fan? Are you sad that both May bank holiday’s are now behind us? If you answered yes to two or more of these questions you need to Man up! No no wait, we haven’t just become all void of heart, we mean Man Up as in the rather hilarious new romcom that’s just hit the cinema…and guess who’s bagged some tickets and treats for one lucky winner…

Man Up is from the Director of The Inbetweener’s Movie and the Producer of Shaun of The Dead, Paul and Hot Fuzz so it’s guaranteed to get you laughing.

WrongDateWhat’s the story? Starring Simon Pegg and Lake Bell, the story begins with Jack who sets off to meet a blind date but opps, mistakenly thinks that Nancy is his 24 year old date! Hung over, tired and exhausted with life and bad romance, Nancy just decides to go with it and so embarks on the craziest journey of her life! This superb romcom leaves you asking lots of what if’s, and is all about being yourself when decision making, risk taking and rolling with this crazy thing called life. But will there be a happy ever after…?

RightPlaceWin: We’ve not only got a pair of tickets up for grabs for you and a date, but we’re also giving away a movie poster signed by the very man himself, Mr Pegg, and a fabulous ‘cosy up with a date’ dvd bundle to enjoy (ooohhhhh) of not one, not two but five dvd’s: Cuban Fury, I Give It A Year, Your Sister’s Sister, Leap Year and Seeking A Friend For The End of the World.

How do I win? Follow us @Lovestruck and RT on Twitter or like this on Facebook to win! The lucky winners will be announced on Monday 8th June.

Take a peek: Man Up Trailer

Do you fancy seeing @ManUpFilm? Good luck with the competition!



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