Is it love or lust? The top twelve signs to look for …

All of us are looking for that initial spark when it comes to dating. Even if someone ticks all the boxes on paper but there is no physical connection, then the romance won’t work.

But what if the sparks are aplenty and your brain resembles Fireworks night? What if you can’t stop thinking about that person at work, in the shower or at home? Your hormones are raging, your heart is fluttering, actually think you might be going a little bit mad. Are you in love – or in lust..?

Scientists have claimed that they have identified the neurological difference between the two. While lust lights up the part of the brain that responds to pleasure, being in love lights up the region that gives pleasure meaning. The findings come from a detailed map of love and desire in the brain, drawn by what happens when volunteers view erotic pictures of photos of their loved ones. Oh er.

With this in mind, we thought we’d look at the top signs of lust and love:

Signs of lust

  • You’re totally focused on their body and the way they look
  • You’re desperate to have sex with them, but not really interested in talking
  • You don’t really want to discuss feelings or where the romance is heading
  • They are your No. 1 Booty call and after sex, you look for the easiest way to leave
  • You don’t want to be friends with them – the relationship is only about sex

Signs of love

  • You have long conversations about everything and anything and love spending quality time with them
  • You find them attractive even first thing in the morning
  • You really want to make them happy and listen to their feelings
  • You want to include them in all your future plans
  • You want them to meet your family and friends and can’t wait to meet theirs
  • They make you want to be a better person and challenge and motivate you
  • Romance is suddenly really important and you find yourself sending flowers or gifts, listening to cheesy songs and generally feeling that everything is great

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