7 signs the girl likes you


Guys. When you’re on a date, how do you tell if she likes you or not?  Is she flirting or just being friendly? Today’s blog goes out to all the guys out there who are feeling confused after a date because they keep misinterpreting the signs…


1.    Eye-contact
If we like you, you’ll see it in our eyes. Simple. We kinda go all gooey, our pupils dilate and we try to communicate our feelings through them. We like a guy that can hold our gaze but don’t be too aggressive, we don’t want the superman-lazer-beam-stare. It’s creepy. If you’re holding our attention, our gaze and attention will be on you and not the hot waiter behind you, though he is F.I.T…

2.    Body language
Another sure way of gauging if we’re interested or not – what are our bodies doing? If we’re interested we’ll look interested and  be leaning forward to catch your every word, holding your gaze. We shouldn’t be folding our arms, facing the other way, looking around the room, chatting on the phone, passed out in an alcohol induced coma, chewing a finger nail or looking bored. This would also be rude, frankly.

3.    Playing with hair
We honestly don’t even know we’re doing it but from twirling strands around our finger to smoothing it down and finger combing it back, our apparent hair fixation means we care about how we look because we find what’s in front of us, attractive. Yup, that’s you.

4.    Close to you…
If we sit somewhere, we’ll want to sit near you. We’ll be up for touching knees and rubbing shoulders. We want to smell you, see you up close. Bad signs would be us walking several hundred yards behind you hoping you’ll lose us or, or worse still, you turning to find we’re not there. If you also realise you could actually park a bus between us when sitting, maybe it’s time to think about jumping on that bus…or wearing deodrant.

5.    Talking from the heart
When we share our hopes, fears and dreams with you, this is a good sign.  This shows we want you to know more about us. Why? Well we’re actually saying welcome to our world, come on in. Between you and me, I had a dream of being a ballerina once, but the day job as a welder got in the way.

6.  Post date communication.
We reply fairly quickly to any of your messages. Girls on the whole are better communicators so if we respond with one, maybe two words or just an smiley emoji to your well thought out message, this isn’t good. Expect it when you’re married but not at the early dating stages. If you find yourself in the middle of typing a ‘did you get my message?’ message, stop right there. We did get it. We’re not interested.

7.    Meeting friends and family
Bingo. You’re in.

How do you tell if a girl likes you on a first date? Keep it clean @Lovestruck







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