8 reasons you should date a silver fox!

Many of us ‘younger’ online daters are guilty of it when tapping in the maximum age of a partner we’re searching for. Cutting it off at 40 or less. Harsh. And heaven forbid allowing for the over 50’s – what, do they still even date? So you might think you’d have nothing in common with a ‘boring’ older guy?  It would be like dating your Grandad, right? Wrong.

FoxyWhile some older guys can give the others a bad rap by looking and acting old before their time, there are an ever growing number of spritely, young at heart ‘silvers’ intent on holding back the years by dressing well and keeping themselves fit and foxy.

So, anyone searching for a date this bank holiday weekend might want to up that age criteria and see who pops up. In the meantime, ponder our many perks to dating a silver fox…

Satisfaction guaranteed: He should be pretty confident in the bedroom and after years of practice, should know how to push the right buttons. This is great for you as you don’t have to waste precious time teaching him. In fact, he could probably teach you a thing or two…

He knows cool stuff: He’s lived a bit so he’s bound to have some interesting and hilarious stories to tell and at the same time, introduce you to a whole new world of culture and music and all that other character building stuff.

You’ll get more of his time: He’s less likely to spend his time glued to his smartphone or checking people out on Facebook. Remember, people actually talked face to face in his day.

GeorgeHe should be more content: By now, he should either be well established in his career and at the top of his earning potential (not that that is a reason to date an older guy – shame on you!) Or, depending on his job and age, he may even be nearer retirement! This would mean he has more time to help you out and certainly have dinner on the table when you get home…either way it should make you both feel content.

You’ll feel gorg: Dating a man with more wrinkles than you is always an ego boost! Sorry.

He’s been there done that: He’s hopefully got any crazy, slightly immature behaviour out of his system by now. He’s calmer, life-experienced and full of wise words and good advice!

He’s a gentleman: He’s more likely to have old fashioned values when it comes to dating and us much as us ladies like equality, let’s be honest, not going dutch all the time, thoughtful gestures and being treated like a lady makes us feel special.

denzelHe’ll get better with age: If he already looks good for his age, like fine wine, the chances are he’ll keep maturing nicely. Plus if he’s looking after himself well now, it’s likely he won’t stop. Plus he’s got you to keep him young, right?

Check a few silver foxes you let get away…

George Clooney (54 ) Matt LeBlanc (48) Pierce Brosnan (62 )Richard Gere (65) Jason Stratham (47) Tom Cruise (52) Hugh Jackman (46) Brad Pitt (51) Denzel Washington (60) Kevin Costner (60)

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