5 steps to finding love…


You’re snuggled up on the sofa laughing at a romcom and have just offered the last chocolate to your partner. Only you haven’t got a partner. Don’t panic. You’re not mad, you’ve just been single for too long.

So it’s time to start doing something. Remember, before Cinderella met her Prince Charming and they started living happily ever after, she put on glass slippers, hitched a ride on a pumpkin and went to the ball.

Where they all at? Contrary to popular belief, singles aren’t out every night in their ‘I am single’ t-shirts at some singles bar. Many of them are also on their sofa, online, looking for you. You need to start getting more active online – from signing up to a dating site (we know a good one…) to updating your Facebook profile, registering on Twitter or posting your latest pictures on Instagram (please no more posy beach shots or duck-faces) Who knows, maybe a cousin of your family doctors sister-in-law will fall in love with your reindeer jumper from last year’s Christmas photo. The stigma attached to online dating is extinct so get on board and you know you’ll be hooking-up with people you know are looking to find Mr or Mrs Right just like you. You’ve got to be in it to win it and you get back what you put in so message people, accept dates, even with people who don’t tick your ‘certain type’ boxes…cos how was that working for you so far?

Accept your friends referrals: Stop saying “no” each time your friends are trying to invite you for a drink or party because you’ve got no one to go with.  Yup, we know how you can easily fall into that ‘I am single’ rut. We’ve been there. Claw your way back out. Grab every opportunity, be pro-active and stay positive – these are the key rules for someone who does not want to be single anymore. People are drawn to smiley happy faces and a warm, positive demeanour. No one knows you better than your friends so let them help you. If they arrange a blind date for you just go for it. True friends will never introduce you to someone they think you won’t like.

Date a mate: Many people say a lasting love can start from a friendship. What, ‘Steve’? He’s just a mate, like a brother. Nah. Really? Just imagine being with somebody who already knows everything about you and still likes you – just the way you are. No more awkward first dates, no awkward silences. Now look at ‘Steve’ again…

Dress to impress: They say it takes 8 seconds to know if you fancy someone and 12 minutes to win them over with if they are not sure. Don’t miss this window – make an effort, dress smart,  listen to your date carefully, sparkle, shine and don’t forget about the (coy) eye contact! Oh that’s good…anyone ever told you, you have amazing eyes?

Never give up: There are more than 3 billion potential candidates out there and sure as hell one of them is yours. Few people are lucky enough to meet their other half on the very first date or while supermarket shopping. Treat dating like a job. Put in the hours to get the results and trust us, you will be rewarded. Do not give up – the love of your life is just around the corner…

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