How to survive being single at Christmas.


So here you are – gone and found yourself single at Christmas again haven’t you. Now you must suffer the endless “All I want for Christmas is you” songs, happy couples being overly affectionate in the street and your TV spewing out romcom after romcom. Well, cheer up – being single at Christmas is not all bad!

Here’s 9 merry little reasons why…

1. Enjoy some ‘you’ time

Don’t you remember how you always had to make plans with your ex for the Christmas holidays? Which gifts to choose, where to go, whose family to visit on Christmas and Boxing day – the list went on forever. Just feel relieved and enjoy some special YOU time – no work, no hassles no arguing over which movie to watch, just you being able to come and go as you please.

2. Make ‘you’ plans.

That’s right. Treat yourself and make plans for you. Be as selfish as you like. As  this time there will be no one to blame for the ruined trips out except for you. A pub you always wanted to go? A spa you always wanted to visit?  A long mooch in the sales? Go ahead.

3. Don’t compare!

We all have this annoyingly bad habit of comparing our lives to friends, family parents, neighbours and colleagues. Stop! It does not matter how anybody from your circle will be celebrating Christmas or if their holiday sounds more fun. Just remember there is always someone who is secretly wishing they were free to do as they please like you!

4. Attend parties.

Don some hot clobber (any excuse to browse the sales)  wear your single badge with pride and get to that party. People respect this, other singles will respect it and who knows who’ll you’ll meet?  Worst that can happen? It’s not your thing and you go home. No biggie.

5. Avoid the ghost of ex-mas past

We’ve done a whole blog on why you should avoid the ghost of ex-mas past (tune in later) We get it, we really do, Christmas is a tricky time and many singles get tempted to get in touch with an ex but you’re opening up a whole can of worms here. Chances are that one of you wasn’t happy about the split and you’ll hit 2017 with the same old ‘ex’ problems and all the emotional baggage that goes with it. Not one of your New Year resolutions we’re guessing?

6. Protective shield.

You have the right to keep your personal space personal – get that, Auntie Carol? You do not have to explain to every person in the world why you are not in relationship or why you broke up with your ex. Don’t wish to talk about it? Say so. Happy to be single? Say so.

7. Kick start the New Year!

Now is a great time to reinvest in you. Always thought you should be more active or healthy? Now’s the time to start. Purchase some new trainers and keep fit clobber in the sales and just start with a brisk walk and a banging medley of your favourite tunes. Look into a gym membership and all the classes they offer, clear out the last mince pies and chocs and get a healthy food shop in.  You’ll feel mentally and physically ready to take on 2017 whilst getting in shape for that summer holiday and hot swimwear…and a hot new squeeze?

8. It’s just one day…

Remember, seriously, it’s just a day out of the other 365 days but with a bigger roast dinner.  Come Boxing day it’s practically over and life gets back to normal.

9. Choose your company

Christmas is a special time so be frugal with who you spend with. Make sure it’s shared with someone you love and those that love you. Arrange coffee or drinks with the friends who are always there for you, go see your sister or brother and show nieces and nephews you’re the best Auntie or Uncle in the world and give parents and grandparents some love and hugs.

Ah, we feel happier already! Merry Christmas!

What will you be doing to survive the holiday’s? Tell us @Lovestruck

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