Online dating frustration? Not anymore.

My how times have changed. When did it happen that if you’re single and not online dating, you’re now the weird one? Once seen as something slightly embarassing that you hid from your mates, singles the world over now openly pepper their phone screens with dating apps, share their online dating experiences, check profiles with friends and chin-wag about their date experiences – today we’re dating loud and proud!


There seems to be a new dating app popping up every day, as well as specialist dating apps to suit your every whim. Love fossil collecting? Feet? Trees? Yay, there’s a site for you where you can meet likeminded singles. Great huh? So how’s it working for you?  Umph.


Tired of scrolling through profiles? Sick of sending witty messages and receiving no response? Feeling frustrated and disillusioned with the whole dating game? Don’t give up. Here’s what to do:

Profile perfect:

First off, the basics. How’s that profile looking? Now ask your mates how they think it looks and reads, honestly.

  • Have a clear picture of your face as the main pic, not flash or showy, natural, smiling, not cheesy.
  • Don’t over filter. Can you look that airbrushed in the flesh, in daylight?
  • You need multiple pictures that give an insight into your world, not a showy or flashy one, just interesting. A travel pic, somewhere you like to hang out, something you cooked up, treasure, or your favourite stack of novels or painting? These shots can then lead to someone thinking they instantly have something in common with you ie: I love that book too!
  • Your narrative must sum you up as fun to be with, modest and…human.
  • Needs to be easy to read and gets to the point.

Messages: Not receiving replies to your messages? Are you saying the same thing over and over? We’re all guilty of it. Check that:

  • You sound keen, honest, open, geniune and not like a car salesman.
  • You do not, NOT make sexual or physical references to how they look. To a women, it’s not flattering, it’s a little sleazy.
  • You prove you’ve read their profile by making reference to something in it.
  • You don’t talk about yourself, or that you’ve just come out of a bad relationship.
  • End with a light question, people are then more inclined to reply/answer it…aren’t they?

Too much choice is sometimes a bad thing: Another reason people get frustated by a lack of response is…it’s cos we’re too spoilt for choice. Dating has become so good at getting people together, seems everyone wants to set up a dating site. Do you research on a site and stick to one at a time as it’s far less stressful. We’re all tempted by the countless free dating apps out there, well we all like a freebie, right? But we’re talking about finding the future love of your life here. The reality is, fast hook-ups are often just fast hook-ups, and people are making ruthless judgement based on looks alone. Romantic, huh? If it’s love and a meaningful relationship you seek, it’s worth investing in a trusted, longer-established paid site, as studies show fee paying members are likely to be more serious about finding love.

Be in it to win it. The more you date, the nearer you get to finding Mr or Mrs Right for you. Go get ’em!

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