Spooning: what does it reveal about your relationship?


We love the Autumn sunshine we do. Beautiful crisp days for cosy romantic dating and chilly evenings which lend themselves perfectly to snuggles under the duvet.

So what positions do you like in bed? Sleeping positions! Honestly, you lot. Do you spoon with a partner? Because according to an article by LittleThings.com  how we snuggle up with our other half can apparently say a lot about how we really feel about them and show what shape the relationship is in.

Spooning is generally considered a sign of a healthy couple with nearly a third of couples sleep facing the same direction.:

Tight tangled spoon: this is often the position assumed early on in a relationship. It’s new, exciting, and you just want to hold them tight. All night.

Comfortably, long-term relationship:  They start out snug and intimate in the early days, and loosen as the relationship matures and the couple become more relaxed with each other.

Sleeping apart: Not spooning can be considered a sign of relationship troubles and more specifically, trouble with sex. Sex expert Tracey Cox explains,  ‘Few couples hug or spoon during sleep if they’re sexually frustrated or resentful. She added: ‘The partner who is not keen on sex is worried any sign of affection will be interpreted as an invitation, the other gets the message any touch is unwelcome so just stops trying.’

But relationship psychologist Corrine Sweet states that actually, only a fifth (18 per cent) of couples actually spoon when they go to bed.

According to Paul Rosenblatt, author of Two in a Bed says ‘spooning evolves in couples and they eventually revert to positions more conducive to quality sleep.’

Hmm. We’re not convinced that how you sleep-snuggle with a partner is a true indicator of what shape the relationship may be in. Some partners snore, some get too hot, some just sleep better in their own space. We would say sleeping in separate beds is a greater cause for concern…

Do you always sleep-spoon with a partner? Do you think it matters? Tell us @Lovestruck

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