6 Signs You’re About To Be Ghosted…


You’ve probably heard of the term ‘ghosting’ right? We don’t mean the floaty white spirit variety that hovers a few feet from the ground, maybe rattles chains, moans a bit, oh no. We’re talking something far worse. Ghosting is when you’ve had a date, you think it went well but then your date literally starts to fade away…and then disappear.

With #InternationalGhostHuntingDay around the corner, who you gonna call? Us. We’ve channeled our inner GhostBuster to reveal 6 ghastly signs you’re about to be slimed,  ghosted by that ghoulish date.

1.They Never Message First

Do they. It’s always you. Face it, if you’re keen on someone, you’re keen to stay in touch, right? If they don’t appear to be bothered and are happy to let days, weeks pass before messaging you, you’re about to be ghosted.

2. They Cut Dates Short

Not only annoying but darn rude too. If he or she always has a reason they need to bail on a date, prepare for the worse.  Why did they meet you then you might ask? They may have been hoping for a hookup. Sorry but there it is. Be warned…

3. They’re Always Busy

Repeat after us: “If a guy or girl is into you, they will move heaven and earth to see you. ” Seriously. If if they really can’t make a date, you should expect them to quickly give you the option of another day/time. That’s what you would do if you were keen, right?

4. Selective Hearing When You Mention Meeting Up

If you’ve suggested a date and the next 3 messages you receive has no mention of that date,  it’s a warning sign. Their first thoughts should be about fixing that date cos they wanna see you.

5. Their Texts Are Short And Simple Or About Sex

If you notice their texts getting shorter and less frequent or they are responding to your carefully drafted messages with a single emoji, you’re losing them, they are fading and you are about to be ghosted. Equally, if they only text enthusiastically when it’s about sex, you have yourself a sexting buddie. Fine if that’s all you want…

6. Too Many Excuses

Maybe their relative really did die or was taken ill,  you go with it just incase it’s true but if their excuses come in thick and fast after that, or you find that when you actually scroll back through their messages,  the same dog has died twice, bail.

If you experience any of the above anomalies…ghost them before you become the ghosted…

Image: Ghostbusters (2016)

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