Is 5 the magic formula to long-lasting love?

How many sexual partners is the perfect amount?

According to new research looking into the key to lasting love, the number is five. number5

The study, commissioned by MSN, revealed a new equation that determines the key ingredient in a lasting romance – and factors including number of previous sexual partner and a good sense of humour ranking highly.

According to the 2000 people polled, 25 per cent argued that they wanted their life partner to have had five sexual partners before them, with one in five men saying they held the traditional view that they should be their partner’s first.

The number one character trait people look for is a sense of humour. So it’s not sex appeal but banter that will land you your perfect lady. But your performance in bed ranks highly too – 26 per cent of men think that a successful relationship needs to feature good sex, while only 13 per cent of women agreed. womenlab

MSN’s relationship expert and psychologist Corinne Sweet says: “Most people enter a serious relationship, hoping it will last forever. Few know that it’s only by the time they get to sexual partner number five that they really know what they want, and are confident to voice it. Good looks might help sexual attraction, but they don’t last forever, so it’s important to look at your partner’s personality, wants and desires as well.”

Try out the formula yourself and for more info visit: MSN Lifestyle

1) Firstly, multiply the amount of years you know your other half before you became an item by .5 then add the number 8 to this number. This total is your special number.
2) Then add together the number of previous partners for both people and multiply by .2. Minus this number from the special number.
3) Multiply 9 by the importance the man ranks honesty (from 1 to 5, with 1 the least and five the most important). Add this to the special number.
4) Add the importance the women thinks ranks money (on a 1-5 scale)./ Multiply by three and add to the special number.
5) Add the importance placed on humour (using the normal scale) and add to the special     Formulanumber total.
6) Multiply the importance of looks by you both (added together) by .3. Subtract from special number.
7) Minus the importance of sex from the amount the man places on sex. Multiply by .5 then square. Subtract from special number.
8) Add the important of in-laws from both parties, added together to the special number.
9) Multiply the importance of children from both of you, multiplied by 1.5, then added to the total.
10) The final number is the amount of years you’ll be together….

What do you make of this formula?

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