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Here at Lovestruck, we love nothing better than escaping the world for a few hours and losing ourselves in a romantic movie with a bucket of buttered popcorn. Hooray to  Twentieth Century Fox who are releasing the film adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks bestselling novel The Longest Ride which hits cinemas tomorrow!  Better still, we have tickets and some other cool prizes up for grabs for four lucky winners…

THE LONGEST RIDEWhat’s the story:  The Longest Ride, stars Britt Robertson (Tomorrowland) who plays Sophia and hunky Scott Eastwood (Fury) who plays Luke as the two leads. Luke is champion bull rider (and we all love them) looking to make his big comeback and Sophia is a college student about to embark on a dream join in NYC. The couple fall madly in love but find conflicting ideals and values threaten to tear them apart. As the couple ponder whether they have any future together, they draw romantic inspiration from the lovely Ira (Alan Alda) an elderly guy who’s wise words and decades-long love with his beloved wife really touch the couple. But will it be enough…?

Sneak peek: Movie trailer

Win: The ‘top’ prize for one lucky winner will be a pair of tickets, a signed copy of The Longest Ride book signed by the awesome author Nicholas Spark, the movie soundtrack, magnetic frame, tote bag and keychain. Three runner’s up will receive the soundtrack, frame and tote and keychain.

How do I win? Follow us @Lovestruck and RT on twitter today and tomorrow! Winners will be announced Friday 19th June at 4pm. Open to UK residents only. Prizes are not transferable, decisions are final and binding on the entrants.

Do you think couples with conflicting views and values can ride life’s rodeo and find true happiness? Tell us @Lovestruck

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