What your sleeping position says about you – and your relationship!

Are you a spooner? A hugger? Someone who likes to be stroked to sleep by your other half? Or do you like to have your own space and do the starfish i.e. take up the entire bed, while your partner hangs off the edge?

So what can our sleeping positions tell us about our relationships?

So what can our sleeping positions tell us about our relationships?

The way you sleep apparently says a lot about your relationship according to psychologists because during sleep you can’t fake body language.

We’ve listed a few of the most common slumber styles below:

This is when couples sleep side by side curled up in the fetal position and is common in the first few years of a relationship. If the guy is behind the girl it signals a protective and traditional romance, while if a woman chooses to be the ‘big spoon’, this apparently shows her maternal side shining though.

Wrapped in each other’s arms
Ok, we’re guessing this must only be for couples who are in the honeymoon period and we’re right (of course!). It’s always good to have a cuddle after sex but isn’t the most comfortable way to fall asleep. Dead arm alert!

Woman lying on the man’s chest
Ahh! Us girlies love this one where we snuggle into our man’s chest. Apparently it represents new or rekindled love.


Rather than be a bad sign as some people speculate because they think it indicates a lack of communication, this style shows that you are comfortable and relaxed with your partner.

This is another style lots of couples adopt when they are early on in their romance when they want to know everything about their new partner and could at them stare for hours while they sleep. It allows for intimate conversation but sometimes arms and legs get in the way. Also beware of morning breath!

Separate beds
Oh dear! Needless to say this is not a good sign unless you are a. 80 years old b. a rampant sleepwalker or c. in a weird hotel.

Sleeping alone has its own rules and positions too.

Sleeping alone has its own rules and positions too.

What do you think Lovestruckers? How do you sleep and what do you think it says about your relationship? Tell us @lovestruck

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