Top 7 things women should control


Girls, do you ever find your fella is the one who ends up dictating how things go in your life? Where you go, what you do? When you do it? Most of us work and play hard so can be guilty of allowing a partner to lead from time to time, but there are key things that we really don’t need a man, lad, gentleman or fella to decide!

Come on ladez, sometimes there comes a time when every woman has to ask herself, what would Katniss Everdeen do..?

1. Make the first move: This one has been long-debated over time, but being direct when dating is the best way forward. If you are with someone and you like them, then let them know, rather than sitting tight for hours waiting for them to  take the plunge. Why let them hold all the cards? They can only say yes or no and either way, you can move forward from that point with or without em.

2. Call/text first: People have their phones on them all the time; so don’t make excuses for why he hasn’t got in touch, and trust us there are none other than a lack of interest (sorry) If you still want to contact him, text him first or give him a ring you’ll know for sure whether you need to move on. At least you’re not waiting by your phone, trying to distract yourself and thinking of reasons why he might not have called. Your assertive actions may even shame his cowardly ways and poor manners.

3. Make decisions about where to go: Ever find yourself saying you don’t mind where you have dinner/go dancing/spend the weekend together? Be bold and tell him where you would like to hang out together. The same applies to film choices – go see that chick click, but then say yes to that shoot ‘em up blockbuster (at your peril..)

4. Say ‘I Love You’: If you feel it, and it’s not on the first night you met, then say it. Pick your moment and think carefully before you utter these words but if it’s on the tip of your tongue, there is no need to wait for him to say it first. Don’t be upset if he doesn’t return the favour quite yet, people fall in love in their own time, but if he’s not saying after a year? Might be time to move on.

5. Buy expensive jewellery: Are you hoping that for your birthday or next big occasion something small and shiny in a pretty box might be on the present agenda? Don’t be left disappointed as you will be no matter how many hints you’ve dropped him. If you’ve got some money to spare, buy yourself whatever diamond or stone you want. You deserve it!

6. Book a holiday: If you need a break, don’t wait for your man to suggest holidaying together. Work out where you want to go, how much you want to spend and whether you fancy roping in a friend or going solo.

7. Treat yourself: If you fancy eating at the hottest new restaurant in town, going to see a film or having a luxury spa day, go ahead and book it. Do not wait for him to do this first. It might never happen. If he won’t go? Go with friends.

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