Top 10 Body Language Dating Tips

Right guys and girls – listen in! You’re going on a first date with someone you really like but you’re nervous and worried about creating the right impression.

Body language is very important when it comes to dating.

Body language is very important when it comes to dating.

Body language accounts for 55 per cent of the way we communicate, so it can be an incredibly helpful tool when it comes to dating and is actually more important than what you say. Studies have also shown that it can take between just one and four minutes to decide whether we could fall in love with someone.

Follow our handy guide to control how your date sees you:

The simplest of gestures, this will let your date know that you like them and help you both unwind. It actually helps you invoke positive feelings in yourself and the people around you. All together now: ‘Cheese!’

Open posture
Make sure you adopt an ‘open’ and relaxed posture. If you hunch your shoulders, cross you arms and hug yourself, it will make you seem nervous and uptight.

Lean In
Not quite like Sheryl Sandberg means it – but if you tilt your body towards your date, it will show you are engaged and listening to what they have to say (even if they are so hot you are struggling to focus).

Relax your hands
Equally, when we’re nervous we tend to scrunch our hands into tight balls. Open your palms, drop them into your lap and feel the tension melt away. Definitely don’t put your head in your hands; you will look like you’re so bored with the company that you might drop off!

Don’t fidget
If you are constantly tapping your toes, or fiddling with your wine glass, rather than looking sexy, this conveys insecurity. If you sparingly touch your hair or stroke the stem of your glass however, this has the opposite effect and is very sensual.

Make eye contact, and if you’re attracted to your date, flick your eyes down to their mouth and back up again – this shows that you are interested in a lot more than conversation over the table.

If you touch your date, wait to see if they respond. If they return the caress within ten minutes, they are on the same page as you.

Giggle at their jokes and at your own. Even the worst foot-in-mouth comments can be cured by a good laugh. Everyone loves someone who has a good sense of humour and can take the mickey out of themselves.

Vary your tone
We’re not suggesting taking a loudspeaker with you; just vary the tone of your voice during the course of the conversation. Whispering indicates romantic interest and is flirty and fun.

One of the ladies – if you lick your lips while he’s talking, it shows you are thinking about sex.

Happy flirting people! Any other tips for us? Tells us @lovestruck

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