Perfect man? Pop ‘Poldark’ in your profile search!


Is Poldark the perfect man? According to several experts, Poldark boasts several physical attributes that make him incredibly attractive to women and men alike!

The new reigning sex symbol on our screens is Aidan Turner, the lead star of BBC One’s latest £12million drama. The 31-year-old actor plays Ross Poldark, a Cornish version of Heathcliff – brooding, stubborn, honourable, courteous and ridiculously sexy. When he was asked about playing a sex symbol, ever modest, he shrugged it off, saying, “I don’t know… it’s a little awkward”, but we don’t think his new status is in any doubt.

So if Poldark floats your Cornish boat, you may want to tap the following attributes into your online dating profile search!

His brooding smile

He has kissable lips, straight but not whiter-than-white teeth and a roughish smile. Let’s just say if he was at our local, we’d be seduced by his grin before you could say, ‘Mr Darcy, who?’ He also exudes a brooding air, explaining, “I think I look like that naturally. People often think I’m angry when I’m not – it’s just my listening face!”

ShirtlessPoldarkHis long, curly locks

Forget clean cut and closely shaven, Turner has long flowing curly hair and dark locks, a typical look for anti-heroes, free-spirits, Lords, Knights and Princes from the olden days.

Turner even concedes: “I guess there are a few Timotei shampoo-advert moments with me shaking my wet hair.” Showing his masculinity, he also has a good smattering fuzz on his chest – a must-have for any alpha male in our books.

His perfect bum

Turner showed off his perfect posterior through the water in a recent episode, leaving us wanting more. Frankly, every girl loves good arms and pecks, but an athletic backside also ranks highly.

Fabulous flaws

Unusual or distinctive markings such as broken noses, beauty spots, different colour eyes or slight gaps in the front teeth can make a near perfect person even more attractive. Poldark’s facial scar only gives further allure and offers an easily distinguishable, unique look.

His riding ability

Mastering a certain skill is attractive. Turner learnt the art of horsemanship in New Zealand, when he was filming three Hobbit films, in which he played a dwarf and is now a keen rider. He says, “It’s that Wild West feeling you get if you’re on a horse on the edge of a cliff and the wind is blowing. You feel as if Mother Nature is in charge, anything could happen. It’s Bandit Country.” Do you think he might like some company on that horse?

His voice

Low, rich and oh-so-gravelly, Turner’s Poldark is incredibly masculine and gorgeous, without a hint of West Country. And even better in real life, he is Dubliner, with a soft Irish lilt, which ranks highly as the sexiest accent of all.

He’s normal

Of course, the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne are fabulous but Turner had a less privileged upbringing. The son of an electrician and bookmaker, he fell into acting because he didn’t know what else to do. No silver spoon in his mouth! Down to earth and gorgeous? Maybe Poldark is just perfect after all…

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