No sex please, we’re millennial girls…


Never have women were so sexually liberated. It’s great isn’t it? Finally being equal to the guys, being able to sleep with who we like, when we like. And sex is everywhere – Miley Cyrus twerking, girls gyrating their bootys in music videos and various hook-up apps making it even easier for girls to find ‘it’ if they want it.  Yep, twenty-something ‘Millennial girls’ never had it so good, right?  Yeeeeah, but a new study suggests they don’t actually want it…

The study found Millennial girls are far from taking advantage of this sexually liberated landscape, even revealing that their mother’s were getting more action than they are (shut the front door!) Yep, not a thought we wish to dwell on but it’s true. The average amount of sexual partners for twenty-somethings is eight as opposed to eleven in the 1950’s and 60’s. University College London revealed single ladies are having sex on average 4.8 times a month compared to 6.3 times a decade ago. And let’s face it, finding sex if you’re female is not hard which would further suggest that women aren’t actually trying that hard to find it.

So, how can this be true for a society obsessed with sex? Has the finally bubble burst on all this sexual freedom and expression? Has it all been too…in our face? Possibly so. The survey found there were a number of reasons women gave for their dwindling sexual appetite but the majority blamed the relentless sexual images churned out daily by the media. Everywhere we look there are impossibly perfect images of women selling everything from shampoo, corn-plasters to cereal and then there’s on-line porn where looking like barbie is the norm as well as being every bit as plastic. Magazines churn out tips on how to do, where to do it, how long to do it and how other people are doing it…just thinking about it is exhausting. Experts concluded that the more women are exposed to it, the more ‘sexually anxious’ they feel and the more likely they are to retreat for fear of not matching up.

Another reason is that today’s Millennials are also more ambitious and financially independent than ever before so it could be that sex just doesn’t factor as highly on their agenda as the more carefree women of yester-year. They are also far wiser to the fact that a casual encounter can land them a nice little STI too. Experts suggest that the rise of  ‘friends with benefits’ shows women would rather have more sex with partners they know well rather than clocking up lots of different sexual partners.

So are we slowly seeing a backlash to the sexual revolution? Maybe. Is it any coincidence that after decades of decline in marriage, it’s now rapidly on the increase again? Are women moving full circle? Shunning meaningless sex in favour of security and love from meaningful partners who know them well enough for sex to be uninhibited, loving and fun.. just as it should be. Watch this space.

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