Take the leap: how to propose to a guy


It’s a leap year on 29th of February, a time where the guy gets to sit back and watch his girlfriend sweat it as she pops the question.

But should a woman propose and should she do it? Nick Bastion, dating expert and contributor to the Love & Relationship Advice section of Vixendaily.com explores…

It’s a stigma ingrained in our society that the man is supposed to get down on one knee for all of the world to see before he nervously professes his undying love for his woman and explain how he can’t imagine his life without her in it. Then, once she’s hopefully said yes, he is supposed to create that magical movie moment where he slips a (perfectly fitting) ring on her finger with the right amount of rocks, as they both bask in the unexplainable joy of true love.

This is the stereotypically idea of how a proposal should happen. But more and more women are increasingly wondering to themselves: should I propose? Why should I sit around and wait for him to ask me? Hell, it is a leap year!

So before I give you two excellent ideas to propose, I, as a guy, need to explain a few things.

#1: Realise men might be kind of uneasy about the notion of a woman proposing.

I hate to say it but it’s true. You must try to think about what you can do in order to do a temperature check on how okay he would be if a woman proposed to a man. You could jokingly throw this out there: “Omg so my friend was telling me the other day that she actually wants to propose to her boyfriend. Is that crazy?”

Don’t give yourself away. Be super casual and don’t seem like you are too interested or invested in the answer, but make sure you find out how he feels about it by gauging his reaction. Some men might have an old fashioned view on proposing and  feel it’s their role or have always imagined or looked forward to proposing to their true love.

#2: Think about whether he’d say yes.

Another thing to think about is even if he is okay with the idea of a woman proposing, is marrying YOU something he wants? Need we ask? Well…yes.

So here’s what you need to do. Start paying attention to whether he mentions or hints at your future together, you know, little things like wanting to spend the rest of his life with you or start a family with you (really good sign) The point of this is to avoid being utterly blind sited and baffled to the point of despair if he says no.

#3: Make sure YOU are sure about this

If you are still thinking about your ex and how you can possibly get them back, you are clearly not ready to enter the marriage zone! You need to really reflect on whether this is absolutely something you want. Does he make you happy? Can you imagine life without him? Does he bring out the best in you? These are good signs.

If you want to propose because you feel having a marriage title is going to somehow magically fix your relationship and achieve a step in your life you’ve been looking to achieve, these are the wrong reasons.

#4: Mentally prepare yourself for being okay if he says NO.

If you go into this with expectations you could end up setting yourself up for disappointment. It is so incredibly important to remember: you cannot go into this expecting him to say yes. Sure, you want him to say yes. Sure, him saying yes would be amazing and life changing. But he can love you and still say no for lots of reasons. You’d need to explore what those reasons are before flying off the handle and thinking it’s over.

Still want to propose? OK, here are some suggestions to show you how simple it can be. And we are quite simple when it comes to such matters.  100 white doves, 1000 butterflies and 2 silver unicorns would be wasted on us.

Think about something that would be meaningful based on YOUR history as a couple together. This is key. Think of something that would fit YOUR dynamic.

Idea #1: Make him his favorite meal

If you aren’t a good cook, order the food in but the key here is to have an amazing meal waiting for him. Don’t get him blind drunk, that’s cheating. With dessert, have a ring ready. If you don’t have a ring, buy a quality napkin and write, “will you marry me?” inside it. Breakfast lover? Carve or cut out ‘Marry Me’ in toast, put a note in the the top of his favourite cereal box, food and meal times offer endless opportunities…just make sure they are all legible!

Idea #2: Ask at a beautiful spot that’s unique to you both

If you’re the type of couple that likes to take walks together, why not try proposing to him at a naturally beautiful spot or return to the place you first met or had a first date?

Panoramic high awesome views trigger feel good endorphins and stir magical mood-enhancing feelings.  Head up a skyscraper or go out on a hike (maybe one of your favorite hikes) and at a lovely spot on the trail, stop and enjoy the moment and the view with him. Then, when he’s soaking in how awesome the world is and basking in the warm memories of your loved up early days, summon courage and ask if he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

Good luck!

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