Autumn date ideas

The nights are drawing in, the weather feels distinctly chilly and your winter coat has come out of the loft… it can only mean one thing – autumn is here! We’ve pulled together some autumnautumn date ideas for you, in case your ideas are running dry and the dinner and film option is getting a little tired:

Hunt for the perfect latte
Whether it’s pumpkin or gingerbread flavour, turn a boring coffee shop date into a taste-testing session, comparing your favourite coffee shops’ best seasonal offerings.

Go for a walk
Boring, boring I hear you cry! But actually going for a walk in the park can be really romantic. It’s also the perfect opportunity for hand-holding and deep conversations.

Try a cooking class
They say a way to your loved one’s heart is through their stomach so book yourselves onto a local cooking class and perfect those culinary skills. Then go to a local famer’s market, stock up on your ingredients and hit the kitchen together.

Get spooked
The theory is similar to the one where you go to see a scary film, with the aim of getting close when the ghouls come out. Research shows that sharing a scary experience together will strengthen your bond. Check out the local haunted house or go on a ghost tour and scream a lot, even if, well, it’s not all that creepy because it’ll prove to be the perfect bonding experience.

Cuddle Up
With a raft of new TV shows on the box, including our faves – the new series of Homeland and Sky’s Dracula starring the super-hot Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, who needs to go out? Curl up on the sofa with a glass of wine and a cosy blanket.

Build a bonfire
Put on your warmest clothes and build a bonfire in the back garden. It gives the guys a chance to show off their Boy Scout skills (or lack of) and provides a great romantic atmosphere. When the fire is going roast marshmallows and swap old stories.

Do you have any other autumn date ideas to share? Tell us @lovestruck

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