Are women changing the dating rules?


Any guy thinking he might get lucky on a first date may well be disappointed according to a new survey.

The recent study of 2000 women revealed that on average, the single girl will wait until at least date 5 before considering having sex with a partner. And that’s not all. Women are also expecting at least 12 text messages, 5 phone conversations, 7 passionate kisses, one bunch of flowers and a partridge in a pear tree. OK we added that last one.

What’s going on? We’ve heard of painting by numbers so why the sudden apparent trend in dating by numbers?

It isn’t that women have all secretly grouped together to come up with set time-lines all guys should adhere to. The survey simply found that a large majority of women tend to think alike when judging the suitability of a potential partner.

So basically, guys need to put a little more time and effort, right? Well essentially, yes. As much as both sexes have enjoyed the many perks of digital dating and easy hook-up apps, it seems women have got wise to the fact that guys have a ‘smorgasbord’ of gorgeous singles  at their fingers tips, and are wary of becoming just another notch on the bed post. Instead, the study suggests they are opting for the old fashioned values their Grandmother may have upheld – to hold out and let him prove he is worthy.

Lovestruck’s Co-founder and CTO Laurence Holloway, recently spoke at the Global Dating Conference in London where he suggested that the sudden popularity of fast hook-up apps was an ‘extreme reaction’ from singles and that long-term, they would stick with the  tried and tested online dating model along with the ‘old fashioned’ dating values that come with it.

However you look at it, the study suggests that when women are serious about finding love, they rethink their approach to dating, even if it means refusing to conform to current dating trends. If the guys want to get seriously dated, they may just have to follow…

What do you think? Should singles uphold a few of the old-fashioned dating values in pursuit of true love?

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