Female Viagra: hard to swallow?


Yes! Yes! Yes! All hail the new and recently approved ‘female Viagra,’ that will be available in the US from October, marketed as Addyi. While new couples who are still at the ‘lust stage’ probably won’t be stocking up anytime soon, it begs the question, would you ever take it? And how does it compare to male Viagra?

There are many reasons women may consider taking Viagra; mismatched libidos with an overly virile lover, serious issues such as a sexual trauma, unexplained non-existent libidos or just being too darn knackered. Maybe some women will take it because (shock horror) they enjoy sex and merely want to keep a healthy and consistent sex drive simmering for whenever they require it. Whatever the reasons, this is surely a big deal as we all have the right to enjoy a regular, healthy sex life and hell, men have been enjoying the perky ups of Viagra for seventeen years!

But whoa there! You may want to screw the lid back on that bottle as it appears female Viagra isn’t as straight forward for us ladies as it is for the guys (typical) We explore the pros and cons:


You have to take the pill every day: Yep, rather like the contraceptive pill, and sadly, unlike the male pill that taken just before they want some action, female Viagra/Addyi needs to be taken daily. We’re simply get turned-on in different ways to guys so taking a daily pill for a long period of time offers the highest chances of it actually working.

Side effects: These could include fainting, dizziness and drowsiness, but these side effects can be exacerbated by taking the contraceptive pill along side Addyi and horror, by consuming Alcohol too.

Low success rates: Really disappointingly, only 8 – 13 per cent of those who tested Addyi over a period of time reported an increase in their sex drive. Them ain’t great odds at $30 – $75 a monthly pop.


Assists relationship issues: Anyone concerned their sex drive has seriously diminished, or feels it isn’t in sync with their partners libido could find Addyi quite beneficial.

Hello mojo: It could make you feel great about yourself again. If you’ve always enjoyed sex previously and just wanted to get your mojo back, Addyi could bring it back.

Worth a try? Whatever the circumstances that led to a low libido, it’s worth a go, right?

But here’s the thing. Circumstances. Viagra presumes, like it does with men, that a lack of sexual desire is a physical problem when in fact for a vast amount of women it is caused by external factors that are both psychological and hormonal. Surely this little pink pill can not miraculously cure dwindling libidos caused by low self esteem, depression or relationship problems, so have the creators of Addyi who are now worth $1 billion set many women up for a fall or simply given women chance? Or, will placing all hope in the form of a pretty pink tablet, be a bitter pill to swallow for some…?

Now you know the facts, would you still say yes, yes, yes to female Viagra? Tell us @lovestruck

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