5 ways to spring clean your love life

Despite what the weather might say, spring is officially here and along with hints of colour on the landscape and the promise of longer, warmer days on the horizon, a renewed sense of hope hangs in the air with a feeling that anything can happen. Spring is a great time to date!

As with your home life, now is a great time to spring clean your love life too so throw open the windows, let the fresh air in, dust off ‘dem dating cobwebs, pack away those winter clothes and reassess that sexy summer wardrobe!

Here are our top tips on how to spring clean your love life:

1. Move the furniture : It sound obvious but one of the keys to online dating is to know what sort of person you are looking for. However, if you’ve not had much success so far, maybe it’s time to reaccess your list or wants and don’t wants, move the heavy furniture and be a little more flexible on your preferred physical attributes or personality traits. So they might not conform to being a ‘sporty’ type, but that doesn’t mean they’re not fit…

2. Remove stubborn stains: Are you staying in contact with previous dates because they might be the one if nobody else comes along? Or are you liking the attention, the flirting, the messages that ‘ping’ in when you’re feeling a little lonely? This is all fine and good but where’s it going? It’s might be time to think about moving on, not wasting your time and energy (or theirs) and instead, start a fresh with someone that really lights up the room.

3. Spruce up: There’s nothing like a new wardobe, hair style or make-up set to make us feel back in the game and hell, do we ever need an excuse enjoy a little retail therapy? Spring/summer clothing can often be slightly kinder on our bank balance too so browse a few fashion/style mags, spring palettes and looks and get inspired. You’ll find it all on the highstreet too so grab a few mates who will no doubt willingly assist and give their honest opinion.  Spring into spring dating looking and feeling hot. Work it. You got this.

4. Polish up your profile: When was the last time you updated your online profile? Yeah it looks good but is it bang up-to-date? Got some new pics you could add to freshen it up? Any new news, travels, fab days out or activities? New details will generate new interest to your profile and should you soon be sporting a new look, add a few to your profile and watch those messages, nudges and winks come rolling in…

5. Set yourself new challenges: Online dating can sometimes feel like hard work but being proactive is really the key. The more people you engage with, the more likely it is that you will meet someone you’ll click with. Simples. By chatting to more people and maybe trying our number 3 tip, you will also start to feel more confident so by the time Mr or Mrs Right does come your way, you’ll be ready and waiting.

Set yourself a challenge too, like say sending ten new messages every week or arranging a lunch break and/or an afterwork drinks date every week too. It certainly brightens a dull work day! Stick to it and hopefully by July, you’ll have yourself some summer lovin…’

So, duster and polish to hand? Ready to start afresh?

Tell us about your spring dating plans or suggest a few more @lovestruck

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