6 signs he is totally into you


Who doesn’t dream of dating a real life Mark Darcy? OK, so he had his issues – seriously lacking in the fun and emotional department, but over time, three movies in fact, Bridget finally got that Marc Darcy totally liked her, just her, just the way she was.

But what if you are dating a brooding Mark Darcy who gives nothing away and just like Bridget you are left unsure if he likes you?

OK, our trusty 6 signs will prove he’s totally into you. Just you.

1.He is always around.

If the guy likes you – he will be following you around online and offline with the persistence of a diabetic wasp on jam. He will be calling you for no real reason, texting you nothing much, suggesting meeting you after work or catching a late night flick. Frankly, if he’s keen there is little difference between a man in love and a stalker. None, to be precise. Only you’ll feel less inclined to get a restraining order on this one.

2.He is always on time

The days when us gurls showed up late so we didn’t look too keen are gone. Why? Because nowadays, every second guy is late whether it’s work, traffic, sick python bla bla. If they cared, they’d be there. Period. So if your date shows up on time, early in fact, this is good. It means that he actually planned ahead, looked forward to seeing you and wanted to make a good impression. Make sure you arrive early to appreciate his early-ness.

3.He is considerate

Some guys feel awkward expressing their feelings as they feel it makes them look less manly. Look at Russell Crowe in Gladiator. He probably never told his wife he loved her new leather sandals but would single-handedly take out an entire arena of gladiators for her because ‘strength and honour’ and all that.  If you are dating this kinda guy, it’s not likely he’ll voice his feelings for you. No, this guy believes actions speak louder than words. He might not comment on your fabulous hair or might fail to notice your new dress, instead he’ll care if you’re cold, hungry, thirsty, or can walk OK in those 6″ heels..

4. He’ll  show off

He kinda of regress to his school days here. Remember the classroom show-off trying to get your attention? He’s not bragging as such,  he just wants you to think he’s clever, funny, that he’s a catch. If he gets too much though, ring the bell.

5.He always replies to your messages

If he likes you, your messages will never go unanswered, he will never make up excuses of how his battery died or that he dropped his phone down the loo. If he bothers to reply to your questions about how his day was or, he asks about yours,  know that you’ve nailed it.

6.He wants to know all about you

If you are talking to a guy who is into you – he’ll listen. He’ll let you talk and share those funny stories, insecurities, jokes and feelings. He’ll also ask about you, your job, your family. Why? It’s obvious. He wants to know all about your life because he wants to be part of it…

Grab him. Hug him. Kiss him. Keep him.

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