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We don’t normally do favouritism, but we must confess to having a little thing for the spring. She just does it for us. Breathing her warm breath on our faces, kissing the life back into our souls and filling our hearts with love and hope once again. Ah yes. Never is there a better season to get dating. Spring, we salute you.

So we welcome back Vixen Daily who, with a new found spring in their step,  share with us the 5 top reasons to love spring dating!

1. In the mood

It’s rooted in science: cold, grey shorter days make us miserable.

Sunshine, on the other hand, with its energy boosting Vitamin D, certainly enhances your mood and makes you feel happier and more confident. This is why it can be a far more pleasant experience to go on dates in the spring! When you are in a better mood, you are automatically going to become more attractive. Why? Because we’re instinctively wired to feel attracted to people who are happy. They captivate us, suck us in and make us feel better about ourselves too. Most people underestimate how important our moods are and how it can affect people around them so get out in the sun whenever you can and…smile!

2. Lifting the layers

As the winter blues disappear, so do the thick layers of thick woolly clothing and like a sleepy little flower, so we begin to emerge once again!  It’s a shallow but genuine fact that we make our initial assessments on a potential partner based on their physical attributes and this is hard to do when they are hidden beneath a thick coat, 4 jumpers and thermal underwear. Let’s face it, guys in shirts and shorts and girls in skirts and flirty dresses just do it for us.

3. You get your glow back on

In the winter, especially in colder climates, relentless blasts of central heating takes its toll on our hair and skin. And so come spring, we make a more conscious effort to lose the lizard scales by applying gallons of moisturiser as we check out the latest sandals, paint those sorry toe nails while the guys bring out the Black & Decker trimmers and go to work on any extra winter foliage they’ve sprouted. As the sun gathers strength, it kisses our skin, brushing a natural blush onto our cheeks with a healthy attractive glow.

4. Better date options

When it’s warmer outside and the days are longer, you have a much wider variety of dating options.

There are a ton of dates you could go on… such as:

  • a picnic in the park (you can pack sandwiches and have a romantic park date)
  • going to get frozen yogurt together
  • going on a hike
  • going to an outdoor cinema
  • eat up on a rooftop restaurant with a romantic view…

5. Winter releases its grip

We know people who love winter. Who like snow, ice, cold weather, dark nights. Really? It’s OK over Christmas but come January, we’re over it already.

As the first tinge of green as the flowers push their way back up through the earth, we kinda do the same. And we must.

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life….and we’re feeling like we wanna date and find someone to share our lives with.

Why else do you love dating in spring? Tell us @lovestruck

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