The 10 worst things you can say after sex

Whether the sex was amazing, good or just mediocre, in our opinion, pillow talk is a good thing and it’s a documented fact that couples who talk in bed are happier than those who pillow talk is extraturn over and nod off without a word. And while your brain might be feeling a bit fuzzy post sex, there are a few things, you really shouldn’t say. Here are the 10 worst things you can say after sex:

“My ex used to do x, y, z…” This is a mood killer full stop. Try not to compare exes at any moment, but after sex, it’s an absolute no-no!

“So will you come and meet my family now?” Erm, this is not the time or the place for getting serious, even if you feel all warm and loved up. Save the serious relationship chat for the morning.

“You can leave.” This is a bit mean, whatever the circumstances, be it you’re not that into them or you’re a terrible co-sleeper.

“I love you.” The chance of actually meaning this straight after sex with someone new, are slim to none. Yes, there are lots of hormones whizzing around after orgasms but best to save these three little words until you know that you mean them.

“Do you think my tummy, bum, legs look OK?” Everyone likes to hear good things about their performance in bed but fishing for compliments after sex will make you look needy and insecure.

“I wish you’d lasted longer.” Girls, don’t ever say this to a guy. It will seriously dent his ego and add more pressure next time.

“Do you think you could learn some new moves?” Sex with a regular partner does sometimes get a bit monotonous, but if you want to spice up your sex life,
drop some heavy hints or have a proper discussion about it before you hit the sack, rather than afterwards.

“Tomorrow will you clean the bathroom/wash the car…” This is also NOT the time to bring up chores or a chance to nag about stuff. Keep pillow talk as “us time”.

“How many people have you slept with?” This simple question could ruin your entire relationship. It is best to avoid this question entirely, especially after sex.

“Am I the best you’ve had?” You’re just opening yourself up to a whole world of hurt with this little question. Just don’t go there.

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