The hierarchy of date nights

So you have a date booked in with a super-hot new potential love interest you met on When is it scheduled for? While there are a zillion other things to consider, the day of the week plays a part too. Use’s handy day-to-day guide to make sure you plan it right.

Is there a perfect day of the week to go on a date?

Is there a perfect day of the week to go on a date?

Monday is the antithesis of ‘date night’, as it’s just not that sexy. You might be hungover from the weekend and most people will be hitting the gym – or thinking of excuses not to, or dealing with a mountain of laundry. On the plus side there will be some bargain Happy Hour drinks and if you’re unsure you’re really into your date, it’s perfect!

Strategically speaking, Tuesday is a great day for drinks or dinner. There is no pressure as it’s still early in the week, but if things are looking hopeful then a late night could be on the cards.

According to a report in the New York Times, statistically speaking Wednesday – dubbed ‘hump day’ (yes, really) is a winning night for a date as you will have recovered from the weekend and eager to break the working week up. Hurray!

This night is the weekend’s foreplay and is the most hopeful night to schedule your night out. It carries less pressure than a weekend date but often has all the benefits. Make sure you don’t have a mountain of work of your desk come Friday, else it might be an upward struggle, and involve plenty of caffeine and sugar to stay focused on your computer screen.

This is great night for drinks, but perhaps not with a first date? Normally it involves relaxing with friends or close work colleagues; so unless you are at the stage that you want to introduce your new date to your inner circle, proceed with caution. If your date suggests a Friday, they are definitely into you.

If your date wants to spend the day with you, they are serious about the relationship. Look for clues about what they are after: a day in Ikea, for example, could be headed for domestic bliss (or a massive row if you’re anything like my girlfriends).

Sunday brunch after Saturday night equals romance success. If you’re meeting up for brunch and your date is hungover, you may not have featured heavily in their thoughts the night before. Best steer clear of this one if you’ve had a heavy night out. No one wants to have the alcohol sweats while trying to impress.

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