How to tell if your date is flirty or friendly


The date is going really well, the conversation is flowing, they’re laughing at your jokes and holding your gaze. So are they flirting with you or just being polite and friendly?

Apparently, only twenty eight per cent of people can actually tell if they are being flirted with (loving the modesty guys) so here’s how to tell if your date is flirty or just friendly:

Postural echo: Say what, what what…? It’s when half way through the date you feel you’re almost looking at your reflection, in other words, they’ve started to mirror your behaviour, posture and unique gestures. This shows they feel an affinity with you and you’re on the same page but can be off putting when a guy starts to play with his hair and don your shade of lip gloss…

Space invaders:  When guys are romantically interested in someone they take up the space around you to appear ‘alpha male dominant.’ Typical signs are leaning forward during conversation, puffing out chests, being animated, using their arms and beating their chest. Oh no that’s Gorillas. Gorillas do that last bit.

Women accentuate: Women may shift and change posture in order to accentuate what they view as their best physical features. In other words, they are keen you notice them too (eyes, legs…etc) If you also noticed she’s reapplied make-up at some point during the date (ie. you’ve had a meal but her lipstick’s back on) it’s a good sign that she’s keen to remain as attractive as possible but she might make you feel giddy with her constant fidgeting.

Touchy: Gentle shoulder, waist and face touches are a sure sign of major flirting. If however, they seek your attention by tapping you on the shoulder, the signs aren’t so good as although they’ve made a decision to touch you, it was in a ‘matey’ kinda way. Does anyone else find shoulder tapping really irksome by the way?

Laughter: Laughter itself doesn’t always indicate flirting as sometimes we laugh when we’re nervous or don’t know what to say but if they are leaning forward whilst engaged in seemingly genuine chuckles, it’s good. Loud side-splitting chortles are also good.

Here’s looking at you:  Women often give a playful, coy gaze when they flirt while men tend to look you deep in the eye whilst listening intently. Gazing at your lips when talking is also flirty…unless it’s because you have a leaf of spinach dangling from your right incisor and they are just too polite to say. If you find yourself gazing into each others eyes for 4 minutes without speaking you’ve bypassed flirting and have fallen in love. Yay!

It’s not flirting if:

Lock down: It’s not flirting or friendly if they are making little effort with conversation, are not listening to what you are saying, are looking around the room, checking their phone and have their legs crossed and arms folded. This is a person who needs to go visit

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