FB together, stay together


People who brag about their relationship on Facebook are more likely to stay together – according to a new study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The study comes just months after it was revealed that people who brag about their relationships on Facebook (much to the annoyance of singletons) require assurance from friends and family via ‘likes’ and comments because they are more likely to suffer from low self-esteem.

The new study researched 180 ‘Facebook bragging’ couples and  followed how they conducted their relationship online –   how many posts, how many times people wrote on their wall, and the number of mutual friends they shared etc. Six months down the line, an overwhelmingly majority we still together indicating that those couples who posted lots of photos with their partners were standing the test of time. How so?

Catalina Toma and Mina Choi, the co-authors of the study concluded that couples who publicly confirm their romance on Facebook both deepen and reinforce their bond by doing so. This is most likely to be aided by mutual friends and family liking their photos and posting on their wall thus perceiving them as a romantic ‘we unit’ which helped cement their relationship.

Ok, annoying as these smug couples might be to singles, it warms the cockles to think that liking, sharing or posting on a friends wall could actually encourage and help keep their relationships going.

Us? Now we don’t wish to be party poopers but we’re always a bit wary of relationships conducted via social media. We’re all for FB updates, sure, it’s nice to see what people have been up to and all the lovely places they’ve been (really it is) But remember.  The harder you post, the harder you’ll fall (and to a larger audience) if you do break up.  And be wary of those constantly posting photos of you both if they are not long out of a previous relationship – they could be trying to make an ex jealous. Always make sure your partner is happy living out their relationship with you on Facebook and finally, don’t forget to keep some secrets back, you know,  just for the two of you…

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