Get your flirt back on!


Have you been in date-hibernation mode lately? Well now the better weather is putting the spring back into everybody’s steps,  it’s time to dust off your dating cobwebs and get back in the saddle! But what if you’re feeling shy or have lost your flirting mojo?

Easy. Follow our top 10 tips to getting your flirt back on:

  1. Do you hate striking up a conversation with a stranger? Practice makes perfect, so chat to everyone; from the guy who makes your coffee in the morning, to the postman and the person on the next treadmill to you at the gym. Then, when Mr or Mrs Right rocks up next to you at a bar when you are having a few drinks, you’ll feel much more prepared.
  2. Don’t worry about the perfect opening line, just smile, say hello and see where the conversation goes.
  3. Never underestimate the power of a great outfit. When you look good, you feel good, so next time you head out to a party or date, dress to impress.
  4. Don’t be too obvious when it comes to compliments. If he or she has amazing eyes, they have probably heard it many times before. The best compliments have an element of surprise, so think outside the box and always be sincere.
  5. Use their name regularly. Everyone loves to hear their name and it will make them feel instantly close to you.
  6. Use body language carefully. So touch their arm or shoulder when they make a joke, or mirror their actions as they speak to you.
  7. Talk yourself up. It may sound cheesy but if you think you rock, other people will too.
  8. Be a great listener and make the person you are talking to feel like the centre of your universe. Ask questions, listen to the answers and follow up with more questions. You can’t go too wrong.
  9. Using humour is a very effective dating tool, so be funny. Making someone laugh is a huge icebreaker and will always spark more conversation. Shake of you inhibitions and show off your quick wit with the next person you are attracted too.
  10. Being playful can also go a long way. Remember how you used to pull the girl’s hair you were interested in at primary school or tease the boy who secretly piqued your interest? Playfulness puts people at ease and is a great way of making someone take notice of you.

See? You’re a natural. We’re blushing already.

Are you a flirting king or queen? Do you have more confidence-boosting tips? Tell us @lovestruck

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