What your sleeping position says about your relationship


March is National Bed Month so we thought we’d take a look at what your sleeping position says about your relationship. Do you and your other half like spooning? Is one of you a duvet hogger? Or do you like to be hugged to sleep? Or does one of you head off to the spare room after a few hours of tangled sheets and snoring?

Apparently the way you sleep with a partner says a lot about your romance because our body language is unconscious when we’re in the world of slumber. Here are a few common styles:

The Cliff Hanger: This is where you both hang off different edges of the bed and often face outwards. Rather than this being a bad sign, this style shows that you are comfortable and relaxed with your partner. It can signal distance but more often the not, means you just need a good night’s kip.

BarbieKenPillow Talk: Do you and your partner sleep face to face, as if you are having some serious pillow talk? Common early on in relationships, this is where there is a need for conversation and contact. Not the most practical at times because of morning breath and stray arms and legs, so be warned!

The Hollywood Embrace: This is where the woman lies on the man’s chest, like something straight out of a Hollywood film. Apparently it represents new or rekindled love – although if you’ve ever held this pose for more than an hour or so a dead arm for him is somewhat inevitable!

The Spoon: This is when couples sleep side by side curled up in the fetal position and is common in the first few years of a relationship. If the guy is behind the girl it signals a loving and protective relationship and the other way round shows her maternal side, where the man needs looking after. Aaah!

Lover’s Knot: This is where a couple falls asleep wrapped in each others arms, face to face with their legs entwined. Another one for early romances where intimacy and sex is the focus, not sleep.

Separate beds: More common than you may think, with at least one in ten couples admitting to kipping in the spare room, the jury is out over whether it improves relationships because the quality of sleep is better, or whether it a very bad sign unless you are officially an OAP.

How do you sleep and what do you think it says about your relationship? Tell us @lovestruck.com

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