Get piscoed: top ‘Pisco Sours’ date stops

Did you know that it was officially Pisco Sour Day this week (no we are not taking the piscoe). With dry January now a thing of the past for many, we think this is the perfect excuse for you and your date to head out to find the capital’s best Pisco Sours.

The history bit: A Pisco Sour is a South African cocktail made in the same way you would make a whisky sour: sugar, citrus, bitters and egg white join the base spirit (traditionally a Muscat-grape Brandy called Pisco). The cocktail was first created in the 1920s by an American bartender working in Lima and in Peru, you could almost consider it part of the national identity.

Places to get Piscoed:


This Peruvian Kitchen and Pisco bar is pulling out all the stoops for Pisco Sour day, by serving up the signature cocktail with a variety of ‘macerados’ – Pisco infusions. With flavours such as pineapple, coffee, ginger, cherry and lime, there is no excuse to not try one. They will also be hosting a Pisco Sour masterclass with their founder and bar manager and if you want to mark the occasion, you can even buy your date a limited edition Pisco Sour print.


This Shoreditch bar was opened in 2013 from the people behind Ceviche and serves up Peruvian breakfast and brunch, alongside lunch and dinner. There is even games room with a juice bar and of course, a decent pink Pisco Sour on the menu, made with sparkling rose.


This Michelin-starred eaterie is the creation of world-renowned Peruvian chef Virgilio Martinez and his partners. Try the spirit in a combination of opt for the sours – you can either have the classic version or one with added physalis or passion fruit.


This stylish Mayfair restaurant has an extensive Pisco bar specialising in bespoke pisco infusions including orange & cinnamon, passion fruit, pineapple, strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant, specialist tequilas and rums. The bar area is adjacent to the main dining room and regularly hosts live DJs and music events.

ChottoChotto Matte

This Soho restaurant serves Nikkei cuisine, bringing together Peruvian and Japanese dishes and cooking styles. Wash your food down with the El Qui Manhattan, made from Kappa Pisco, Green Chartreuse, Antica Formula and bitters.

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