Win a Halloween date to the London Dungeons!

Guests are welcomed into Halloween at the London Dungeon by The Master of TricksIt’s the oldest trick in the book. Suggest a scary date and enjoy as they cling to you tightly at suitably scary moment! Result. This is also a good date situation for another reason. It’s been scientifically proven that when we’re scared, our brain pumps out dopamine, the same chemical we release when we’re infatuated with someone. Your heart beats faster and you become addicted to that slightly euphoric feeling.

So, why not increase your arousal levels and do something seriously scary this Halloween?

Come closer…don’t stray at the back. Boom! We’ve a pair of tickets up for grabs for brave daters to visit the very home of Halloween – the London Dungeons, starring the Master of Tricks. So! Are you ready to be spooked? Come with us…(cue: sound of echoing footsteps, rattling chains and evil laughter…)

What? The London Dungeon’s new character takes up residence in the Dungeon and guests can expect mischief, mayhem, costumes, hair-raising scares, terrible tricks and dastardly dares! Forfeits will also be on the cards for those who dare venture on the giant trick or treat wheel.

Once in the ‘depths’ of the Dungeon, guests will also be dealt trick or treat cards to determine their fates as they travel through 1000 years’ of London’s dark past. Will you get a yummy pie from Sweeney Todd’s sidekick Mrs Lovett or a place in the torturer’s chair?

At the London Dungeon expect a scarier and altogether more twisted Halloween with bad behaviour from the likes of Guy Fawkes, Henry VIII and Jack the Ripper plus two exciting new rides – The Tyrant Boat ride and Drop The Dead Donkey ride.

When? Wednesday October 1 to Wednesday November 5

Where? London Dungeons, Riverside Building, County Hall, Westminster, London, SE1 7PB

How? Simply RT on Twitter or like this on Facebook to win!

Do you fancy clinging to your date this Halloween? Tell us @lovestruck

Huh? Did you say something? Could have sworn we heard voices….stop playing about…


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