Is a smartphone the 3rd person in your relationship?

Who would cope without their smartphone? Does the thought fill you with dread?

According to recent research, for 62 per cent of us, it’s the first thing we look at in the morning and we then check it nine times an hour. Some people even glance at their Phonephones every six seconds. Therefore, it’s pretty safe to say that sometimes our phones are competing with our partners when to comes our attention.

Whether we are loading pictures to Instagram, checking out Twitter, or commenting on someone’s Facebook post, our phones are always by our sides.

If your phone is the third person in your relationship, here are 7 top tips to ensure you don’t compromise quality time with your partner:

  • Make sure your phones are put away during meals out or for an hour every evening so you and your partner can talk and catch up on your days without being interrupted.
  • Have some no-phone zones and make sure one of these is the bedroom!
  • When you’re using your phone when you’re with your partner, make sure you’re aware of them. What are they doing while you tap away?
  • Include the person you are with when you are using your phone, tell them what you are reading or show them the video you are watching.
  • Make sure you think before you post, so if you and your other half have had a blazing row, leave it a few hours to cool down before you Tweet or Facebook a comment about your relationship.
  • Equally resist singing your partner’s praises online – it might freak them out. If you have something nice to say, say it to their face.
  • If you are having problems in your relationship, don’t succumb to the “techno brush-off” – i.e. Ending a relationship virtually, by changing you Facebook status to single, for example. If you want to end things, be courteous and do it face-to-face.

Is your phone the third wheel in your romance?
Do you find people using them on dates…(omg that would drive us nuts too..)

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