How to take the perfect ‘selfie’

We all need to take a decent selfie once in a while – whether it’s for our dating profiles, or just because we look hot and need to post a pic to Facebook, it seems that every man/woman and his/her dog is posing and snapping these days.

So, how to rock the perfect selfie? Follow our handy guide…

Zayn & Perrie – King & Queen of the duck face selfie!

Zayn & Perrie – King & Queen of the duck face selfie!

Have a phone with a front and back camera: This is a necessity to see if that pout is just a little ‘OTT’ or if you have some lunch still caught between your teeth. It is also worth taking your phone cover off – as leaving it on will cause the image to be slightly less clear.

Use good lighting: A motto of photographers everywhere – not full-on sunlight – so every skin pore shines in its glory, or a darkened room where you couldn’t actually tell it’s you. Soft sunlight or a cloudy sky make perfect backdrops.

Use a photo app: Download an app so you can fiddle with your pic to make it perfect. A bit of soft lighting can work wonders, didn’t you know?

Look natural: Don’t go for the turtle – where you stretch your neck too high, or the duckface – where you look constipated and in pain. Relax, take a deep breath and smile.

Go for the angle: Taking a pic straight on is often not the most flattering. Tilt your camera at 45 degrees just like the models do, dahling!

Go slow: Don’t think the snapping away 20 times will result in the best picture. You will just get lots of blurry shots. Instead, go slow and concentrate on positioning.

Have fun: What’s the point of a bit of selfie love unless you are enjoying yourself? Take your time, explore the possibilities and have a laugh.

Any other top selfie tips for us Lovestruckers? Tell us

PS. Zoolander ‘Blue Steel’ pose for the win!

Zoolander blue steel duck face

Zoolander blue steel duck face

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