5 reasons to fall in love this spring


So spring has officially sprung! Google it. Although the weather can still be a little unpredictable and a little chilly around the ankle area, we know that warmer weather and weekend picnics are just around the corner.  The new season is a great time for a fresh new love story and as the flowers gently unfold and come into bloom and the days stretch to bring us more shiny hours of daylight, suddenly, nothing seems impossible…

Dust off the cobwebs and get dating with our top reasons to kick start your love life this spring!

Online activity boost

According to the research, 14 percent more first messages get sent every day in spring. It means that usually shy and socially awkward (which does not make them less awesome and sweet) guys will dare to message you first. Who knows, maybe it will be a work colleague or the cute guy in the next office block? Whatever happens,  just remember – if you create your online dating profile now, the chances of meeting someone special will double. Not bad odds, huh?

That’s science, baby

“If you’re feeling like having a spring fling, biology might have something to do with it,” says dating expert and matchmaker Sarah Patt. “It’s the result of biological impulses that have been seeded for thousands of years.” No matter how civilized we are and what we have achieved within the last century, nature still has more power over us then we think. So if you find yourself day dreaming more often than usual or the guy or gal from a coffee shop around the corner seems a little more attractive – this is why. After all, it makes perfect sense – people are slowly recovering from cold winter holidays and some getting over SAD  –  seasonal affective disorder – ready to re-appear on the dating scene.

Spring cleaning

It’s easy to take the wrong path when we’re feeling lonely and call an ex (or exes) but spring is another story. The time for spring cleaning has arrived. Just as we feel the urge to clean up and get rid of useless things in our house – we feel the same urge to cleanse our life from dead love, lingering exes, dead-end relationships and people who just do not appreciate us. We need little excuse to fill the wardrobe with new fab outfits for the summer too…

Spring boosts your confidence

Confidence. That what attracts us the most in people of both sexes. Some call it charisma, leadership, or borderline arrogance but  whatever you call it, we get more of these traits in spring according to Dr. Abrell who says springtime can add a little more strength to your stride, and possibly open new avenues of finding, growing and keeping love. Go grab ’em, Bravehearts!

Goodbye woolly jumpers and frizzy hair

Muddy boots, red runny nose, frizzy hair and a cold handshake, that’s what winter dates are made of.  We just can’t look 100% fabulous at extreme subzero temperatures.  But all this changes when spring comes (unless you suffer hayfever) The hair behaves itself, the mascara doesn’t run, the mass grooming and sprucing begins, the latest nail varnish shade graces our polished toes and the warmer climes gently envelope us with a warm glow and a flirty flush to the cheeks…

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