5 things guys wish girls did on a first date…


We’ve all been there. Been on a date with a guy who laughed, flirted, asked the right questions and even gave good eye contact. He said he’d call. He didn’t. Why?

Over to you guys…

1. We want girls to be open-minded

So we didn’t pick that swanky restaurant in the West End and we saw your face drop like a bag of cement when we you realised it was just a cosy little burger joint in some mediocre street with the wrong postcode. OK, sometimes it’s because we’re skint and waiting for payday but often, it’s not lack of thought or caring on our part, quite the opposite. We picked a place we feel you’ll be comfortable with. we’d be comfortable with and often its a place where we’ve shared good times and hey, it’s just our sort of place.  So if you are cool with chips in Clapham, we’ll feel you’ve accepted who we really are. Not flash, just a good old loyal burger snugly resting between two buns or a humble chip dipped in mayo.  If you look like you can smell a blocked drain for most of the date, we’ll come to the conclusion that you’re too picky, ungrateful and would prefer a date with Spencer Matthews.

2. We don’t want you to try too hard

Common mistake, ladies –  trying too hard. We appreciate the effort, we really do, but would the REAL you please stand up? We need to jdge if we’d like to spend the rest of our lives with YOU.  Dress like you and obviously brush your hair and teeth, but if you trowl on too much make-up we’ll just spend the date wondering a) what you are hiding, b) what you’d look like without it c) how long it takes to put on and d) what it would all look like on our jacket. If we like the real you right from the start, it’s a very good beginning.

3. We don’t want you to act cool

No need to act cool. Some people say that we always wants something we can never have. It ain’t true. As a matter of fact, men are also looking for someone who can make them feel happy and comfy like fleece-lined slippers on a cold floor. Don’t name drop, brag about expensive handbags or clothes or that your friend’s second cousin went on a super yacht with George Clooney once. Act natural. Unless your really are that materialistic in which case you’re not really for us anyway…unless we’re Spencer Matthews.

4. We don’t want you to presume

Is the man still obliged to pay for dinner? We know real gentleman probably do and we probably will but we don’t like the presumption that we will. When the bill arrives – offer to pay for your half of the dinner. Most likely we will reject your kind offer to split the bill, but we sure do appreciate the gesture. Or, why not treat us to a few drinks after dinner – it will help to leave a good impression and up your chances of a second date.

5. We want you to be grateful

Do not take our good behavior for granted. Yeah so we’re like kids wanting ice cream for good behaviour but if we pull out your chair for you (and remember to push it back in as you sit…) or we don’t let the door slam on your face, or we hail your taxi and pay for cocktails – just say thanks. That’s all. We love it when you noticed we’ve paid attention to all our parents taught us, we’re needy like that.  Oh and maybe message us later to thank us for a lovely date too…

We’re not asking too much, are we?

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