Ladies – do you look like a cheater?


It might be time to brush up on those make-up techniques ladies because according to a new study, men can tell if you may be unfaithful in a relationship just by looking at your features!

Researchers at the University of Western Australia asked a group of men to look at thirty-four pictures of different women. The photos were presented in pairs with one photo showing a self confessed ‘cheater’ and another of a faithful woman. When they were asked which women they thought had cheated, the men surprised researchers by correctly guessing the answer sixty percent of the time. The same experiment was carried out again with another set of men who again guessed an above average result which that researchers could not be put down to coincidence.

So how did they do it? Well, surprisingly, where you might think men would choose the pictures of the most attractive ladies to be the cheaters, as men and society in general may deem them as more likely to be unfaithful (based on an assumption they would perhaps have more cheating opportunities) it was clearly not the case here.

Ange Those blessed with high cheekbones and brows, as possessed by the likes of Angelina Jolie, were deemed as more open and honest and therefore less likely to cheat. This corresponds with a study published last year which found those with furrowed brows and sunken cheeks were less likely to be trusted.

Researchers stated this ‘visual skill’  probably comes from an evolutionary period, where men had evolved the ability to identify if a child was genetically theirs simply because they did not wish to devote time and effort to offspring that belonged to another man.

Said researchers, ‘‘It is striking that men were able to show any accuracy from images alone after only a brief presentation, considering that accuracy in faithful judgments made from behavioural information is relatively poor.’

But don’t worry if you don’t possess high cheekbones or smooth brows as men are unlikely to let ‘cheating features’ stand in the way of dating you!

Guys, have you ever correctly identified a cheater based on looks? Tell us @lovestruck

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