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Don't want to put limits on where you find love? Lovestruck is a dating agency with a difference. We're matchmakers and dating coaches who provide genuine opportunities for eligible single men and women all over the world. The right person can change your life, and everyone wants to find their soul mate? With a fantastic selection of singles, our clients have the best opportunity to find their happy ever after.

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Dating should be easy and convenient. That's why we combine the best of personalized matching with online technology to bring you a more comfortable dating experience.

Tailored Matching

Receive personalized matches based on your interests, values and lifestyle

Arranged Dates

Enjoy dates scheduled and arranged by our team at your convenience

Personal Guidance

Be guided through Live Chat on matches, scheduled dates and date feedback

How Dating With Lovestruck Works

Your Lovestruck dating experience is nurtured by a real person - a professional matchmaker who is dedicated to helping you find that special someone.

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Sign up on the Lovestruck website or download the Lovestruck app

Meet Your Matchmaker

Book a consultation with one of our matchmakers to review and setup your profile, discuss your dating goals and verify your account

Receive Quality Matches

Review and chat with your new matches through the Lovestruck website or app, carefully selected based on your requirements

Attend Arranged Dates

Our date concierge team will arrange dates for you with your favourite matches at great date spots

Get Personal Guidance

Your personal matchmaker will guide you along with match suggestions, date scheduling and date feedback

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Success Stories

Kuman & Gray

Thanks to Lovestruck for giving me the opportunity to meet Gray. Your team has always introduced me to lots of men to help me meet my other half and true love. It’s fate for me to know Gray, and Lovestruck provided me with this fate which I believe I can hold on to. Lovestruck’s team has diligently followed up on each date, so that I can get to know my matches and enjoy quality service on every date. After each date, Lovestruck will ask both me and my matches for date feedback. Although my relationship with Gray has just started, I believe we can walk into the next stage of life together. Thank you Lovestruck, thank you Gray, and thank you to myself.

Michelle & Goddard

I would like to thank everyone, especially Sophie. She first introduced Goddard to me on the first day when I came to your company. Goddard is the second person I dated on my first day since I joined the service. We are two Virgos and we like talking to each other all the time. We have much in common. We take feelings seriously. We both like laughing. Happy that we do not miss each other. In all, thank you Lovestruck

Esther & Jeff

I meet Jeff through this company. During our first date, I feel he is a nice and quiet gentleman, he treated me the meal. Meanwhile, we still keep in touch using whatsapp. After our vacation, we decided to meet again for movie. Then he started to like me but I wasn’t sure about my feelings. Then we went on more date and getting to know each other more deeply, I thought I didn’t like him, but I actually have some feelings for him but I just didn’t notice. I talked to him about his feeling and what is our relationship. He told me he likes me since our first date and I said I like him too.

Rita & Cheong Lei

Through yours service, I quickly found the right woman for me. After a few datings, we have a good relationship, sharing joy and worry, and establishing love. Dear professional team of matching consultants, I would like to express my gratitude to the professional service provided by the consultants of Lovestruck. In spite of the fact that I have only joined one year membership, the speedy matching arranged Cheong and I to meet up for the first appointment. Since then, we have started dating and maintained close contacts with each other. Being a teacher, my social circles are limit, so through this platform, I have opportunities to know members from different walks of life. In short, I am deeply impressed by your professionalism and eagerness to help us.

Find Love Anywhere in the World

There are many single professionals living and working in major cities around the world who are looking to find their other half.

As a global dating service platform, Lovestruck has a large database of high quality single professionals in many countries.

Through hard work, dedication and a commitment to helping people find someone special, our dating service offers a personalised experience, regardless of your location.

It's time to meet people that share your values with our extensive member base of wonderful singles.

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Human Matchmaker Dedicated to You

Relationships, friendships or anything in-between. To ensure we provide the best prospects for each member, our expert team handles the matchmaking process. We’re all about giving our clients the best possible experience when finding the next love of their life. We’re hear to listen and guide you from start to finish.

Verified Quality Matches

Lovestruck is a professional matchmaking agency, which means we verify each member. Therefore, you dont need to worry about fake profiles or any other potential issues so you can enjoy the experience our dating agency offers.

Monthly Dating

We hold regular monthly events for our members located worldwide. You can meet attractive singles at our speed dating event, which is popular for members with busy lives. Meet a selection of women and men in one evening, make new friends and perhaps find someone special.

Date Feedback & Coaching

Dating feedback and coaching is essential for ensuring that both parties are suitable for one another Date feedback is a great way for us to understand how you feel your date went-we can subsequently help with coaching to get you over any hurdles you may have faced from difficulty striking up a conversation to nervousness.

Why choose Lovestruck over other dating websites and apps?

Many clients that come to us are fed up with other dating websites and apps. Perhaps you're looking to get married, or just want a life partner. Whatever you are looking for, we're confident you'll love the Lovestruck experience.

Our expert team of matchmakers offer a personalised approach and can help you find people who match your life goals, values, and preferences. We differ from other dating websites and apps because joining as a Lovestruck member means you will be working with our professional human matchmaking team to improve your approach to finding love.

About Lovestruck

Lovestruck is a personal matchmaking service operated by Love Group, a publicly listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange.

Lovestruck is for singles who lack the time for endless rounds of swiping and chatting, and instead prefer a personal touch in the search for a committed, meaningful relationship that could lead to marriage.

If that resonates, then the Lovestruck matchmaking service is right for you.

Our Matchmakers

Our professional team of dating experts will guide you with personalized attention, hand-selected matching and valuable date and image coaching.


Frances loves meeting and talking to people from all walks of life. He is an absolute natural in drawing people out from their shells and making them feel completely at ease. This and her experience will help you to understand and navigate your dating life better and with more confidence.


Evian has an uncanny ability to spot matching personalities through her years of experience in this industry. With her friendly and approachable nature, you would feel comfortable talking to her like an old friend. A mindful and observant person, she helps the profiling by having honest communication with all her clients and paying attention to smaller details around her.


With years of matchmaking experience, Angeline is second to none in establishing our clients’ worldview, priorities and core values, as well as creating both a physical and psychological portrait of what would constitute their ideal life partner. In fact, Angeline’s uniquely designed and honed in-depth personality analysis and matching criteria guarantees a very high success rate.


It’s Michelle’s highly scientific approach to matchmaking and outstanding personal service that has earned her a high satisfactory rate from our clients. A valued member of our team, Michelle holds a Master Degree in Social Sciences and Psychology, and will be with you every step of the way until you achieve your goals.

Begin Your Journey to Find Your Perfect Match Today

There's no time like the present to begin a dating process that works, and we'll be there for you every step of the way. Lovestruck is fully committed to helping people find their forever love, and we know that we go out of our way to give you the best advice and support at our dating agency.

We're confident that we'll be able to deliver what other dating agencies haven't, so don't delay in getting in touch with our friendly team. You can join through our website, or contact our office if you're interested but would like to find out more.

With us, love can happen with the click of a button - so make the right choice and join the Lovestruck dating agency.

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