Love a sporty type? Who shapes up best?


Wondering which sporting activity to take up for the summer? Head to the local pool! According to a new survey, swimmers make the best lovers and they are also the happiest personality types.

A new study by the British Heart Foundation, conducted by Mindlab, surveyed 2000 people and looked at the sport we chose and what it revealed about our personalities – including how charitable we are and who we are likely to vote for in the General Election. So next time sport features in someone’s dating profile, it might be wise to pay close attention!

Most likely to vote Labour
Enjoy loud music
Like being the centre of attention

Make the best lovers
Make charitable acts
Clean and tidy

Most likely to vote Liberal
Calm and laid back
Most likely to be emotionally stable and not suffer from depression

Enjoy their own company
More introverted
Least materialistic

Most likely to vote Conservative
Highly emotionally stable
Very happy

Very agreeable and not materialistic
Most likely to vote for the Green party

Dr David Lewis, Neuropsychologist and founder of Mindlab, says: “It has long been known that exercise is not only good for your body, but also your mind. The results from this study show that no matter what kind of person you are, there is a sport for everyone.” And a sporting type!

Time to take up a sport or even take up with a sporty type? We think so! Now, where did I put those goggles…

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