Top London date ideas

Whether you’re looking for the perfect first date venue or hoping to blow your new partner away with your creative suggestion for a day out, London simmers with opportunities for things to do.

Some approved London date ideas.

Some approved London date ideas.

The team have compiled a small list of ideas in case your brain lets you down pre-date…

Eat at Dans Le Noir –
Ever fancied dating in the dark? Well now is your chance! Dans Le Noir is a restaurant and bar where you eat and drink in pitch black, enabling you to focus on taste and smell – and your date. You are guided and served by blind staff and can choose from four secret, colour-coded menus.

Go to Bounce Ping Pong –
Yes, this is exactly what it says it is: a ping pong bar with 13 tables, bats and balls and lots of gin on offer. A winning combination for sure, especially if you’re the competitive type. Guys, take it from us, let the girls win.

Take an Alternative London Tour –
Go off the beaten track with these creative and unique tours, both for Londoners and its visitors, which explore the East End and its culture. You can choose to travel by foot or bike and will take an insider’s look at the local markets or historic pubs and a whole lot more in between.

Walk along the Southbank –
This classic date is always a winner, especially when the sun is shining. Take in the sights and smells, stop off for some food or drink at the bars and restaurants scattered along the river as you go. If you have time, visit one of the fantastic cultural landmarks such as the Southbank Centre, The Globe or the Tate Modern.

Drink at The London Gin Club –
We know this is our second reference to gin, but this bar is a great place for an intimate date. Become a proper spirits connoisseur and check out some of the 70 gins on offer (hiccup!).

Watch a film at The Electric Cinema –
There is no slumming it in this joint. All seats are leather armchairs with footstools and side tables. There are also two-seater sofas towards the back and six double beds towards the front; perfect if your romance is hotting up, perhaps a bit forward if it’s your first date. Just don’t get so carried away that you put other cinema-goers off their popcorn.

Stroll in Richmond Park –
There are different paths and trials and stunning views across this vast park, where deer roam freely. Why not grab a blanket, some snacks and a bottle of something and have a picnic?

Go for a late night at London Zoo –
Zoo Lates take place at London Zoo every Friday night through July and August 2. You can check out all the animals after hours, including the new tiger territory and enjoy cabaret and comedy acts and a silent disco. What’s not to love?

Any other London date ideas you care to share? Tell us @lovestruck

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