Rules for an office romance

There is nothing quite like flirting over the fax machine to brighten up your day at work, but what if an office relationship turns into something more? Many companies even ban romance at work because of the possible complications. You’re not going to lose your job if you have a fling with Mr IT (anyone else love a computer geek?) but what if you find Mr or Mrs Right by the photocopier? Avoid awkward meetings and office gossip with’s guide to romance at work.

An office romance can be a tricky situation to manage

An office romance can be a tricky situation to manage

Never date your boss
Mixing business and pleasure, especially when your manager is involved has disaster written all over it. Avoid the desk-based dramas at all costs people! If you really, really fall for your boss, look into moving teams or even jobs if you think that they could be ‘The One’.

Be sure
So Claire from accounts keeps smiling at you, then asked you to look over some paperwork for her and is now giving you the eye. Or is that just a bit of dust? Either way, it must mean she likes you, right? So you send her an email asking her out and telling her that her bum looks great in that skirt. So Claire is actually gay and now HR wants to see you. You get the drift…

Don’t email your partner
While the digital age means that it is all too tempting to start flirting over the email, don’t do it. Aside from the fact that the company can access your inbox remotely, everyone knows someone who has sent ‘reply all’ by mistake. Hit the wrong button and everyone in the whole building will know what you’re planning to do with that can of whipped cream later.

Keep quiet
You might be tempted to share all your secrets with your work mates, but blab with caution. If it does end you don’t want to end up red-faced and the last thing you want to do is be the topic of office conversation around the water cooler. If you think the romance has longevity, go public and take away the intrigue. No one will want to gossip about you then.

Slow down
Just because you see each other every day, doesn’t mean the relationship has to goo at 100 miles per hour. Take it slowly and it’ll have more chance of not burning out.

Be professional
Between 9 and 5, keep the relationship second to work. Avoid holding hands, lingering looks and snogging in the stationary cupboard. Your co-workers will be annoyed. If you’re leaving together, meet outside at a pre-agreed time. Make sure the coast is clear before you revert into couples’ mode.

Never try to copy your bum – on the photocopier. Obviously. We’re not sure it’s even possible.

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