Relationship fizzling in the first month? 5 reasons why

Dating someone new can be a minefield, right? There’s no doubt that the early stages of a relationship are the most crucial and the most vulnerable. It’s really easy to get overexcited if you really like a new crush but just as easy to get freaked out if they are coming on too strong.

With all this emotional confusion, it’s easy to see why new romances fail within the first month, certainly before love has had a chance to grow so, Lovestruck reveal the five main reasons relationships can fizzle out early..

PacemakersMoving too quick
Slow it down. Yes, it is a bit of a cliché but in the early days it’s important to maintain an air of mystery. It’s very tempting to hole up together as if the rest of the world doesn’t exist and tell them everything about yourself but it’s unhealthy. Let them get to know you, don’t share everything too soon.

Checking them out on social media
These days, with modern technology and personal information so instantly available, it’s hard to resist researching Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages but there’s no doubt that social media, for all it’s wonders, has taken the romance and mystery out of dating. Even before you meet you can learn where they work, the name of their dog, that Aunt Doris had a hip operation and whose wedding they attended last summer. Without knowing it, you can and have already formed a digitally induced opinion.  It’s human nature to do a bit of research online (ahem, yes, we’ve all been there) so if you can’t resist, just try not to let on you already know the precious information they think they’ll be sharing with you for the first time. Warning: if you’ve clocked up 5 hours 44 minutes scrutinising their lives (from 2006 to present) they might well suss it. It will freak them out. It’s freaking us out and besides, what will you talk about if you already know everything?

Unchecked baggage
Many of us hope a new relationship will mean a fresh start but let’s face it; everyone has relationship baggage. Just be sure you’ve completely checked yours in or have sorted out any issues of the past so they don’t interfere with your new romance. Bin the baggage or recycle the old. Simples.

Unrealistic expectations
When a guy meets a girl and thinks she is “perfect” or a girl thinks her new man is better than Candy Crush, you’re setting yourself up for a fall. Sure, there are loads of great guys and girls out there and you can admire your new partner’s best qualities, but just remember that NO ONE is perfect (even us, I know, it’s true) Time will reveal what the initial ‘flush of lust’ will hide.

Game playing
Yes, we know we’ve advised you to not throw yourself head long into a new relationship but equally playing games, whether it’s trying to make someone jealous or deliberately not texting or calling them for a while is already a dishonest start to the relationship…

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