Is Bingo good for your sex life?

Losing weight it not just good for your health, according to a new survey – it also makes women want to jump into bed.
A new poll of 2000 people by entertainment brand Mecca has found that dropping the pounds, winning money and clean bed sheets are the biggest turn-on. bingo
And in news that won’t surprise the ladies, men are keen to have a night of passion after a night out on the town with the lads, with 28 per cent saying they would like to seduce their partner when they get home.

Now, we must remember that this survey was done by Mecca but they also found that 60 per cent of women were turned on by winning money – and 52 per cent of men would happily send their ladies off to play bingo if it resulted in sex.
Psychologist Tracey Cox told the Daily Mail: “Winning is a common theme for both sexes when it comes to driving sexual desire. Whether it be a sports team win or a bingo win, they both provide personal gain which induces happiness.

“Wanting to win is a basic human instinct – it’s what kept our species alive. From a more modern day perspective, an individual who competes and wins, achieves a higher social status, generally has more money, attracts more mates and enjoys a higher social ranking.”

The survey showed the top ten turn-ons for women were:
1. Losing weight
2. Fresh bed sheets
3. Winning some money
4. A night out with the girls
5. A hot bath
6. A work night out or Christmas party
7. A new hair ‘do
8. Being made-up
9. A gym work-out
10. Closing a deal or completing a major task at work.

The top turn-ons for men were:
1. A night out with the boys
2. Fresh bed sheets
3. A hot bath
4. Winning some money
5. Sports team winning
6. Losing weight
7. A gym work-out
8. Driving a sports car
9. Closing a deal or completing a major task at work
10. Cleaning the house

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