5 most haunted London dates…


Do you believe in ghosts? No? What if we tell you there are places in London where you can actually witness that paranormal phenomena called “ghosts” that nobody can neither find a reasonable explanation to nor can prove or refute its existence. If you belong to a (crazy) or curious group seeking adventures of the scary sort, don’t go alone. Grab a date and visit one of these fabulously spooky places in London this Halloween…if you dare…


The Langham Hotel (Oxford Circus)

Built back in 1865, nowadays Langham hotel became one of the London landmarks. It was featured in the James Bond movie “Golden Eye”, “Wonderland”, “Burnt” and some others. The five start hotel boasts its unique interior and exterior design, faces the Regent’s Park and is known best for the guest that never checked-in at room 333. The story goes back to 1973, when BBC radio announcer woke up in the middle of the night and saw a fluorescent man in Victorian attire floating towards him. So go for it – book room 333 on October, 31 and if you live to tell the tale…do tell us…



The Spaniards Inn (Golders Green)

This pub was not a pub 5 centuries ago – back then it was a fancy residence for the Spanish Ambassador. The place  earned its spooky reputation way earlier than the Langham hotel did – Bram Stoker wrote Dracula in 1897, inspired by the stories about the Spaniards Inn. There is a beautiful but sad love story of two Spanish landlords Francesco and Juan who fought a duel over a lady both of them loved deeply. Juan was killed, buried near the Inn, and people believe that Juan`s ghost is still haunting the pub. Multiple visitors witnessed or experienced paranormal activities there – some report a ghostly man figure seen outside by the Inn, others bump into the ghostly lady in white in the pub garden (who knows, maybe that very lady from the legend is still waiting for her Juan). Quite a few visitors claim that an invisible strange hand touched their shoulder or pulled at their clothes. Why not go for a ‘spirit’ or two with your date?



Old Queen’s Head (Angel)

This traditional pub was opened in 1830 – built on the ruins of the pub previously demolished in 1829. Some witnesses claim to see a woman and a girl in Tudor clothing and sometimes the girl can be heard running around the pub or climbing the stairs ahead of people as they walk up – or just crying and slamming doors. If you want to better your chances of meeting the ghosts,  visit the pub on the first Sunday of each month, and at Halloween, obviously.



Theatre Royal, Drury Lane (Temple)

The first theatre was built on this location in 1663 and is said to be haunted. The most famous ghost is the ‘Man in Grey,’ He is believed to be the ghost of a nobleman who was stabbed to death and whose remains were found in the wall of the theatre back in 1848. Another one  is the ghost of the actor Charles Macklin who chose to never leave the walls of the beloved theatre where he murdered his fellow actor – according to legend – in a fight over a wig. This ghost is often witnessed at the backstage and wandering the corridors. Haunted stories aside, you still have a chance to book your ticket and bring your date to watch the new musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…but watch out for any extras on stage….


finsbury_parkFinsbury Park (Finsbury Park & Manor House)

What better than a date in a park on a sunny afternoon? Maybe tipping your hat at ghost or two as they float by? Officially opened in 1869, Finsbury Park is still a favourite location for Londoners who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Watch your step while walking down the Gloucester Drive – voted the 5th most haunted road by The Guardian. Multiple passerby heard the spooky sounds of footsteps – like someone invisible is walking by your side so if you do go alone, you won’t be alone for long…

Have you witnessed anything ghostly in London…?













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