5 tips on how to get second dated


So she’s just agreed to meet you for a date. And she’s hot. Don’t be so surprised, you’re hot too. So what’s the plan now?  First date tactics? You do have a plan right? OK, don’t panic. Follow our simple tips and we can pretty much guarantee she’ll be coming back for that second date.

1.Be confident

We women are attracted to confident men. We don’t mean arrogant or cocky men, just men comfy in their own pale or tanned, smooth or wrinkly skin. Stay cool, don’t mumble, look her straight into her beautiful eyes (not aggressively) and listen. Ask questions, we like to know you’re interested and we’re thankful for the opportunity to  impress you right back. Casually mention your plus points throughout the evening, not all at once. Any charity work you’ve done, the different languages your speak, your dreams, that you’re secret midnight baker or that you rescued a kitten from a drain pipe. It reassures us.  Not bragging is key and do not interrupt us either, it’s so annoying. When we’re talking about a quiet little Christmas break with family somewhere in Devon – do not jump in and snow bomb our modest festive gathering with your full on five star luxury ski chalet in Verbier. It is not a competition.

2. Do your homework

Remember: you will never have a second chance to make a good first impression so head back to school –  yup, do some good old homework. Yeah so it was her gorgeous profile pic smile that you fell in love with but now go back and check what she actually said about herself.  Her likes, dislikes, sports, musical preference, travel, dreams, it’s added date talk fodder and we like to know you’ve bothered to check us out properly. It also helps avoid any awkward faux pas such as taking her to a steak house when she’s a strict vegan.  And last but not the least – secure the date venue to avoid embarrassing ‘booked out’ and queuing out of the door scenarios. Feel free to run your date ideas past us so we know if Michelin star or fish ‘n’ chip shop attire is required, or if it’s a hiking boot or high heel date? See? Good effort, gold star.

3. Smell nice

Shower, splash of aftershave, brushed hair and teeth, clean clothes. It’s not asking to much compared to what we have to do, jeez. A clean sweet smelling appearance gives us hope that you make an effort in life, in your flat, at work, in relationships…see where we’re heading?

4.Get the bill

We are not financially dependent on men anymore, you may have heard. We can out earn you, travel, pay our rent, buy the latest techy gizmo (oh god we’re bragging) We know you know this but still offer to pay the bill, please. It’s very unlikely we’re let you, but we just really appreciate the offer. Asking us to go dutch is fine..but our inner princess mentally puts a ‘chink’ in your armour.   If you insist in paying the bill because you really want to, suggest we treat you to drinks or dinner next time which leads us nicely on to…

5. Date number two

Tell us you enjoyed the date and would love to see us again sometime in the near future.  If you can’t say it to our faces, message us soon after that you had a lovely evening. Tell us we were great company and or remind us of something we laughed about together. Don’t remark on any of our physical attributes that below the neck. Now, where are we going for date two then?







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