The top five worst first date ideas of all time

If two people really like each other, it doesn’t matter where they date, right? Wrong! Where you go on a first date sets the scene for how the whole encounter will play out and there is plenty of potential for it to go wrong.

Choosing a bad first date can kill potential romance pretty quickly.

Choosing a bad first date can kill potential romance pretty quickly.

Once my friend Kate got taken to church. Apparently he wanted to show her “what his life meant” and proceeded to sing very loudly and throw his hands in the air. That’s all very well and good but she is an atheist (he hadn’t bothered to check). Safe to say, she didn’t see him again.

Jim, a work colleague got invited by one girl to her Granny’s 80th birthday. His date told him they would “pop in for half an hour” and leave, but two hours later he was still listening to Great Aunt Maud’s list of favourite recipes.

We’ve all had great first dates – and bad ones – whatever the location, but we’ve drawn up a list of five places you should avoid:

Cinema: So you have really wanted to see this flick for ages but how on earth are you going to get to know someone when you sit next to them in silence for two hours? Save the cinema for another time.

Family do: Yes, they will invariably meet your family at some point if you start dating properly but as an early stage date, this is one giant fail on every level.

Double date: Again, inviting friends on a date, especially for a drink at the beginning or one at the end is fine (it’s a great excuse to leave if it’s not going well) but there is no way that you will get to know your date properly if there are other people wading in. It will make them – and you – more nervous than you need to be.

Office party: So you want to show them how much your colleagues think you are great? Don’t do it on a first date – it’s just like taking your friends with you, but worse.

At one of your houses: Apart from piling on the pressure, this is unsafe. You don’t know the person and it could get very awkward.

Where is the worst place you have ever been taken on a date? Tell us @lovestruck

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