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Dating in the UK is a tough business. With so many people looking for love, where do you start? What's the best way to meet someone? The crazy pace of modern-day life makes it hard to find, let alone settle on that special someone. Who has time for such frivolities when there's so much going on?

If you're single, then you know that dating can be so much work. You have to find someone interested in the same things as you, has a compatible personality and likes to do what you like to do. With all these different factors going into your choices for potential partners, it's no wonder people resort to internet dating sites.

But even with a dating site or a dating app, finding the perfect match still takes an insane amount of effort. More to that, dating sites take diverse approaches to their matchmaking efforts, and not all methods will cater to your unique interests. So, if you're tired of swiping through millions of subscriber's pictures, or going on blind dates, then we suggest attending a singles event- moreso, a speed dating event!

Speed Dating in London- The Lowdown

The UK is flooded with great speed dating events. Speed dating is an event where singles go around a room meeting other singles for 5-minute intervals (or so) before moving on to another table of new people. The idea is that by doing this over many tables with some time spent at each one, it will allow participants enough time to quiz their potential matches on the things that matter the most to them- and vice versa.

On a speed dating event, you get to meet and talk to more eligible singles than you would on an average day. This could be the social experience that saves your floundering dating life. Experience a great night, hosted in a nice venue by our friendly hosts at Lovestruck to reignite that flicker of hope that there's a forever-after out there for you.

Speed Dating: The Origin Story

Speed dating is not a new phenomenon. It can be traced back to the mean streets of LA in 1998 when Rabbi Yaacov Deyo organised the first speed dating event. He wanted to provide a brisk yet casual setting for single Jewish men and women to mingle.

The concept spread like wildfire to other cities in the US, Canada, and even here in the UK. Today, it's so widespread that you can catch some speed dating action on popular TV shows and movies. Like it or not, it's part of mainstream dating culture, and thankfully so!

How Does Speed Dating Work?

Are you a first-time speed dater? You're no doubt nervous, but that shouldn't be the case. The brilliance of speed dating is its simplicity. How does it work? An equal number of guys and girls within the same age group meet at an appropriate venue for a few hours. You should note here that the venues and themes for speed dating events vary by the host, from a pub or restaurant to a lock and key party or even a night at the gym.

You get a name tag that makes it easier for every mini-date to remember you. Each attendee also receives a pen and a scorecard to help them rate each date. The ladies stay put on their spots that are spread out through the venue so that the guys can come and spark up conversations. These interactions are timed, so you get to skip the cheesy one-liners, small talk, and ice breakers and get right into it.

Focus on asking the questions that will help you get to know each other. A pro tip- you will meet many potential matches, and with everyone on their A-game, it can get confusing trying to remember who said what- there's no shame in discreetly jotting down some personal notes. These help you keep track of who you'd like to meet later for an actual date.

You receive an email from the host the day after the speed dating event with all your potential matches and their contact information in order to arrange for an actual date. Alternatively, you can also hang back after the event and mingle- you'll probably make more matches. Remember, it's not just about finding a date. It's also about growing your social circles and having an enjoyable experience outside your regular, drabby, hectic schedule.    


How Fast Is Speed Dating?

The timing of speed dating depends on how many people sign up for the event. The more people available, the shorter the event and vice versa. But, in most cases, you'll get the chance to be up close and personal with every woman or man for 10-15 minutes.


How Much Does a Speed Dating Event Cost?

The cost of attending a speed date is not that prohibitive. London speed dating events tickets range anywhere from £15 to £30. But, this also depends on the venue and theme of the night. So, it could be higher if it's hosted in a posh venue or lower if it's something as simple as a pub crawl.

Aside from the ticket, remember that there are associated costs with dating- transport, for instance. Consider fetching a new outfit (or not) and some shoes to match. You can also get a fresh haircut or a new hairdo. As they say, "First impressions are everything!" And nothing speaks to your intent as showing up polished!

Can I meet Asian Singles through Speed Dating?

At Lovestruck, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect Asian partner. We pick great venues for our singles nights that allow our participants to feel comfortable as they sift through the dating pool for one evening in search of the person of their dreams. If an Asian date is who you're looking for, then our speed dating events are a fantastic place to start.

We cater to the UK-based Asian market among other clients; thus, follow us on our pages to get the latest news on our speed dating (London) events or singles nights for a chance to meet amazing, age-appropriate men and women. You can also chat with one of our matchmakers through our site to find out about upcoming events and the likelihood of meeting the Asian girl or lad of your dreams.

What Can I Expect in a Speed Dating Event?

Speed dating is when singles get together to quickly meet many potential partners in a short period of time. It has been proven that the best way to find someone compatible with you is by meeting people face-to-face and getting an idea of how they act around others. Speed dating allows for this opportunity without having to go out on every date under the sun.

Gone are the days of asking someone what they do for a living or their favourite movie, now you can have more fun questions to ask like "What is your worst date story?" and "Do you want to see my pet lizard? (without necessarily owning one)". The key is to draw your potential matches' personalities without it sounding like an interview. What's more, your friendly hosts at Lovestruck reserve a cocktail of fun activities that help bring the participant's vibrance to life.

Lovestruck speed dating company is serious about playing matchmaker. They host engaging parties where you're guaranteed to run into interesting matches from the opposite gender. Their innovative approach is a mix of original dating, pub crawls, quiz nights, and much more. During the pandemic, Lovestruck still helped like-minded singles connect on virtual dating. They also keep things light with ice breaker challenges, lock and key parties, silent discos, and loads of other fun twists to classic dating.

How Effective Are London Speed Dating Events?

The purpose of speed dating events is threefold. You get to:

  • Have some fun in a great venue
  • Meet other eligible people in London
  • Break out of your social anxiety and hang-ups


With these goals in mind, you are guaranteed to have a great experience. But how do you get the best out of your mini-date in a speed dating event? Start by signing up for one of Lovestruck's London speed dating events, and show up.

How to Get the Most Out Of Speed Dating London & Singles Parties

Arriving on time is highly advisable. It helps the organisers work out the numbers and increase your chances of interacting with every attendee. Below are some basic etiquette and unwritten rules to follow:

  • Pay attention to whoever you're speaking to and not what impression you're making. This helps you to form a deep connection and not come off as superficial.
  • Keep the conversation light by staying away from topics that may be too personal.
  • While being yourself is essential, don't be afraid to show your wit by knitting a little humour into the conversations.
  • Be honest with your compliments and stick to making positive remarks. 
  • Stick to the rules. Rotate to a different mini-date when it's time. If you're making an impression, you'll find out by the end of the night or if your desired match asks to be connected with you via the host.
  • A well-timed ice-breaker can help ease the tension. It's a high stakes game, and it helps if you can help your mini-date feel comfortable.
  • Avoid making snap judgments. Take at least 5 minutes to learn more about your date.
  • Keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum. After all, drunk people make for the most honest people, and we might want to keep that regulated.
  • Avoid taking notes while the prospect is right in front of you or doing the math. Remember, you're there to have fun, and whatever follows shouldn't be set in stone. Make helpful reminders (if you must) after your round without being too obvious.
  • Do a follow-up on any potential matches. A five-minute date is a short period and may not be enough to ascertain that you locked in on a special someone.  


Lovestruck Speed Dating Events

Lovestruck curates a selection of the most superior speed dating events in London and across the UK and globally - Here is how you can book your spot for the next one: 

  • Sign up for a free membership
  • Book your spot and pay for a ticket to the event you wish to attend
  • Confirm the date, time, and venue for the event
  • Show up, mingle and have a little fun

We'll provide "Lovestruck Cards" that make it easier to exchange contact details with a guy or girl that strikes your fancy. Book your spot now to receive executive discounts on tickets. We also endeavour to have a fair female/male ratio to give each of our attendees a fair chance.

The Benefits of Lovestruck Online Dating in the UK

Speed dating (London) is not our only core business. We understand that the hustle and bustle of life can get in the way of you meeting your soulmate. And while dating apps and websites are fast becoming everyone's go-to, we believe our tailored services to be a cut above the rest. That said, our platform offers the following services:

Human Matchmaker Dedicated to You

At Lovestruck, we understand that algorithms and robots can be smart, but they don't necessarily excel at playing cupid. That's why we assign every account to a human matchmaker.

Verified Quality Matches

Our human matchmaker also vets every member. This helps verify their identity and intentions while on our platform. Verification also helps prevent scammers from penetrating our organisation.

Monthly Dating Events

Swiping left and right can help you find a possible match- but it's tedious and not for everyone. That's why we organise monthly singles events in London to help our members meet new people, or possibly make friends.

Date Feedback & Coaching

Our staff includes seasoned dating coaches and relationship psychologists. They are here to help you overcome your insecurities and tear down the walls that keep you from meeting someone special. They also suggest ideas for city dates, date venues, coaching on how to meet people at singles parties etc.

Join Us Today

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about how we can match you with the love of your life. Once you join, we can schedule a consultation with your assigned personal matchmaker to verify your profile, review your dating goals and get you on our active member's list. Contact our friendly team today, and learn more about how Lovestruck can help you.

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