Marriage matching Hong Kong

If you're tired of dating unsuitable marriage matches in Hong Kong, then you need Lovestruck, Asia's premier dating agency.

We're not like regular dating sites. We do things a little differently here.

We take matchmaking and give it a personal touch. So if you're looking to get married, trust Lovestruck to find you your soulmate, and ditch those other dating apps.

Matchmaking in Hong Kong

When you're searching for lasting relationships; when you're after marriage material in Hong Kong, you don't want to rely on an algorithm alone. Love is far more complicated than that.

Love requires a gentle, experienced hand to guide you through the complicated process. And that's precisely what you'll find with Lovestruck. We're a Hong Kong matchmaking agency full of love professionals, all of whom are experienced at matching clients with their dream person.

We believe that everyone deserves to find that special someone - the love of their life - the person with whom they can love and laugh, take vacations together, share a life together, go on holiday with, raise children with, grow old with.

Premier dating agency Hong Kong

Lovestruck offer so much more than just a dating experience. At Lovestruck we are matchmakers on a mission - to not just create successful matches, but to create a meaningful relationship for you in Hong Kong.

We provide our matchmaking services to ensure you get matched to a suitable partner who is also after a long term commitment, with marriage on the horizon. Because finding someone like this in Hong Kong, without professional help, can be very difficult to find.

Real love needs a human matchmaker

We don't waste your time pairing you with people who are only after some quick fun, or only interested in a one night stand. We treat love with the dignity and respect it deserves. So we will only match you with another person who is looking for the same things as you are, i.e. marriage.

Matchmaking is a serious business that we take seriously.

We aren't just setting you up on a date, we're setting you with your potential lifelong soulmate.

Matchmaking and dating

After matchmaking you with a series of eligible partners, we will arrange your first date for you. We know how daunting dating is, and we want to make it as stress-free for you as possible.

You have to spend time with someone before you can even begin to contemplate them becoming your life partner, and organising a date with someone you don't know can be nerve wracking.

Which is why we arrange your first date in Hong Kong for you.

Asian dating sites

Hong Kong is jam packed full of eligible singles, just like you, looking to write their own love stories. Up your love success rate and sign up to Lovestruck and have our matchmakers work their magic on your romantic life.

There are Hong Kong and Asian dating sites, and then there is Lovestruck.

We offer matchmaking services professionally. Our matching process effortlessly takes the hassle out of your romantic hustle. When we all lead such busy lives with all consuming professional commitments, taking time to find that special someone with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, can seem like an impossible task.

But not if you let Lovestruck help.

Lovestruck marriage matching

Lovestruck takes online dating to new heights. We take your personal information and personal data in the strictest of confidence, using it to find you the most suitable match.

Our modern approach to matchmaking ensures you only meet like minded people, people who are also in the market for a serious relationship, and potentially marriage. Rest assured, our matchmakers have done this a thousand times, they know when they've found you the right person.

Perfect first date

So if you're looking for a successful pairing, let our exclusive dating agency arrange the perfect first date for you and your potential matches. Who knows, it might end up being a marriage match!

After the date, we follow up with you to gather your feedback and use it narrow down your list of matches. When you're looking for your significant other half, you won't find them on the first try.

It might happen, but manage your expectations: you might have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince. But trust us, we'll line up the most eligible frogs for you, because you never know, one of them might just knock you off your feet.

Finding love in Hong Kong

Dating is hard work and time consuming. Finding love isn't an easy business. If it were, well, you wouldn't be reading this. When it comes to finding the other person for you, Lovestruck can make it happen.

We make dating easy and convenient. Our matchmaking services even extend to marriage matching. So if you're looking for the ultimate dating experience, whether you want a serious relationship, you want a marriage match, or you're just dipping your toe into the dating world, Lovestruck matchmaking agency will make the magic happen.

Don't rely on other dating apps

Don't rely on friends and family to find you love. In this day and age, marriage matching in Hong Kong and Singapore is far more successful when you leave it to the experts.

Lovestruck is more than just a dating app. We don't just search for suitable partners for you, we pair you with quality members - people who are also looking for the same things as you, before arranging your first date.

Specialist matchmakers

Our specialist matchmakers pair eligible singles, tailoring your first meeting to ensure it's the best dating experience of your life. There are other dating sites and there are dating apps in Hong Kong, but none come close to the personal touch that Lovestruck apply to your marriage matching.

Lovestruck dating app

Our modern approach to dating means our dating agency is a business run by real people, for real people. We find love for our members, arrange dates, search for that special someone, and create relationships that last a lifetime.

We believe in matching you to your soulmate, because we are real proponents of true love. We know that your special match is out there somewhere, and we will help you find them.

Marriage matching in HK

Hong Kong is one of the most beautiful places to live on earth. But with so many of us prioritising our work over our happiness, this incredible city and all it offers can pass us by.

We know you don't want to be head down on your laptop all day. We know you want to be taking a romantic cruise around the harbor, or holding hands with your loved one while you stroll down the promenade, or tucking into a romantic picnic following an energetic hike in the hills, or sunbathing on the beach with your love lying next to you.

Which is why Lovestruck have created the most convenient app out of all the HK dating apps available.

Whether you're looking for friendship, dating, matchmaking, or to get married, we can give you access to a dating world you didn't know existed right under your nose.

Sign up today and receive eligible matches from men and women, all the while carrying on with your busy life.

Let your personal details find you love

We combine the best of both worlds to find you the partner of your dreams. With our experienced matchmaking professionals being guided by the latest online technology, we will find you a meaningful relationship that will last a lifetime.

Our personal touch can only happen because you trust us with your important information. Other dating apps mine your personal information for their own gains, whereas we put it to work for you.

Successful matches happen because we pair you with people who have similar interests, who are looking for fun, who have similar education, who want to find love and are also trusting us to help them get married.

How Lovestruck marriage matching works

Don't put your love life on the back burner. Dating takes commitment, as does find true love. Which is why we are passionate about cutting through the noise and providing a service to parties who are dedicated to getting married.

Marriage is the ultimate commitment, don't waste your time with people who don't treat dating with the respect it deserves. At Lovestruck we won't pair you with anyone other than members who are also looking for dates with the aim of getting married.

Perfect marriage match

Find your perfect marriage match with Lovestruck. Our agency has a wide selection of eligible members, meaning you can guarantee your love journey will stop at plenty of potential stations along the route to married.

We will tailor match you with other members based on your interests, your education, you values and your lifestyle. We understand that love isn't one dimensional and our site takes that into account, unlike other dating sites.

Arrange first date

We take the awkwardness out of arranging first dates by arranging your perfect first date for you. We schedule your first date at a time and location to suit both of you, and because we specialise in pairing eligible singles, we know you both, and we know what fun looks like for you. You enjoy a stress free first date, which will hopefully lead onto success further down the line.

Love feedback

Let our love professionals guide you through your matches with our Live Chat feature, where you can also schedule dates and provide date feedback on how our matchmaking is going. We use your feedback to tailor future dates. Your dedicated matchmaker is available throughout your love journey, providing you quality advice and guidance to help you find your life partner.

Join Lovestruck dating agency today

When you join Lovestruck, you're joining a dating app that takes matchmaking seriously. Simply sign up through our website, or download our app.

Fill in your personal details and create a profile. Share personal information about yourself that you would want to know about your future matches i.e. your lifestyle, your life so far, your job, you career aspirations, your education, your relationship preferences, what you're looking for in a life partner.

The more detail you can provide, the quicker we can narrow down a selection of our most eligible members for you to start dating.

Once you've created your profile, your matchmaker will be in touch to verify your profile and discuss your dating aims and goals, before activating your account.

And that's it, congratulations, you've taken the first step toward finding love.

Get in touch with our team today if you would like more information about our marriage matching services. Our team of matchmaking professionals are on hand to help you find your life partner.

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