Happy Couples

Were passionate and dedicated to helping people find true love. Here is a selection of success stories from Lovestruck happy couples

Boy & Kate

We are both very busy with our jobs and couldn’t find time to find the right partner. I found Lovestruck through a website advertisement and decided to try their services. I matched with Boy and starting dating to get to know each other better. It was the beginning of a love story. Almost 2 years later, we are now happily Married!

Mac & Pupae

We took the time to learn to know each other for almost one month and we are now in a relationship for more than two years. We are planning to get married, I woulds suggest to every single person to come out of your comfort zone and you will see love is all around you!

Noom & Kukkai

Noom and Kookkai have a bit of an age difference, Kookkai is 33 years old and Noom is 38 years old. Noom is a very confident woman and a hard worker. Kookkai is younger, but very mature for his age. It took them almost three months to get to know each other and started a relationship after that.

Ton & Por

Por is the woman that perfectly fits me, she’s funny, confident, has a great attitude. She’s also fluent in English and Chinese language, which is great because my family is half Thai-Chinese. Her adorable looks touched my heart since the first time we met. After 3 months we got closer and started a serious relationship together. I’m very happy to have met her and want to take of her as good as possible.

Napan & Chidchanok

Thanks Lovestruck for introducing me to my better half! My consultant arranged our date and from there we found love. I am very grateful to the consultant who has picked the right man for me, without Lovestruck I would not have been so fortunate to meet him and to continue our next chapter together.

Took & Pom

I have decided to get into a long-term serious relationship with Pom thanks to Lovestruck! Early next month we will have a trip to Taiwan. Our relationship is moving very fast

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