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Lovestruck - Edinburgh's best dating site is responsible for marriages all over the UK and abroad - some of the most beautiful we have seen have been in historic Edinburgh.

What do we do? Lovestruck is a premium online dating website with a focus on quality, connecting thousands of people every day.
How does it work? We ensure that our profiles are 100% moderated and verified, you browse, chat, and go on dates.

What am I matched on? We match people based upon proximity, i.e. if someone works or lives close by to you, going on dates is a whole lot easier. We then leave it to you to look through profiles and see who catches your fancy so you can start dating in Edinburgh.

Is there an app? There is a Lovestruck app available for iPhone and Android, as well as being available via desktop and tablet.

If you feel that there is room in your life for more dates, and ultimately 'LOVE' then lovestruck is the Edinburgh dating website for you.

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UK · Singapore · Hong Kong · Tokyo · Sydney · New York · Dublin
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