Why Lovestruck?

  • 90,000+ singles in Canada
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  • Manage who sees what
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  • Free for lunch or a night out tonight? Find out who else is!

Let's face it. Dating takes time. From chatting someone up, calling them to make plans to go out and heading off on your first date - it can be a time-consuming process.

And look at you. When do you ever have a spare second? Between meeting up with friends from school, friends from work, friends from uni, the weirdo from your old work who you find really funny and your ex's friends (yes, you nicked them), you don't really have a night at home. And when you do there's a mountain of washing to get through and phone calls home to tell your parents you're still alive. Quite frankly, you're so busy that we're surprised you've got this far (we do appreciate it, so stick with us).

Now here's where Lovestruck is unique - our service is created to help you find other good-looking single types who, live, work and play, near you. Then it only takes you half an hour to meet them for a coffee, or something stronger, to see if you click.

Becoming a Lovestrucker is fast, easy and free. So join right away and, in less than 60 seconds, you'll be able to flick through our Little Black Book.

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